Why is it not (easily) possible to type ふじ山 with Windows keyboard?

So I recently learned the vocab ふじ山 and wanted to share it with a friend, and of course had to type it. Can’t half-arse it by copy pasting. So I typed “fujisann” and the predictive kanji conversion kept trying to complicate it with kanji I didn’t know instead of the “fuji” part, and then “sann” never would convert to 山 until I scrolled through the list (it wasn’t on the first page even). I ended up having to write fuji and then click away to get rid of the prediction, and then write sann and go through the list to find 山… More confusing was that putting this into google translate, Google thinks it’s a name, “fujiyama”

Is this because I typed just the word without some kind of context around it, or is my keyboard misconfigured or something? Or is there an actual kanji for the name “fuji” that it was attempting to use?

Yes there is kanji for the name:

You will almost never see ふじ山 in the real world, except when maybe an elementary school teacher for lower grades writes it on the board for their students. Usually it will be all kanji.

But they wanted to teach the onyomi with a mountain you know.


Aye, it’s much easier to just write it as 富士山. Side note, if you want to write 山 on its own, try やま.

Also, if you want to close the text prediction box, just hit Enter, which confirms the text you’ve entered as-is.


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