Pattern Finder blabs about their WK experience

I’m actually having a lot of fun finding patterns (heh) and making up ridiculous stories or inside jokes along with the mnemonics to memorize the radical and/or kanji. It’s pretty clever!

Gotta admit, when I first saw 山, I thought, “Oh! It’ll read as 「やま」right?”

Then I saw 「さん」and I had to remember Kun vs. On reading. Immediately went down a rabbit hole and started reading different articles on kunyomi vs. onyomi


WaniKani is a lot of fun. :slight_smile:


Once you get the patterns down in your head for kanji, it gets much easier figuring out which reading to use :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So push through and good luck :crabigator: :heart:


That one is an easy one, it is both, but I mostly remember they call Mount Fuji ’ ふじ 山 fujisan, my friend told me it’s because it has some kind of reverence towards that mountain :slight_smile:


All right-y, my biggest downfall to using WK on my phone instead of my laptop is having no access to userscripts.

I like being able to do my reviews at any given chance though, so I will appreciate my phone for doing its job.

A side note: I also managed to associate the kanji 生 with two things.

  1. How to Save a Life by The Fray
  2. 玉 is 生 (listen, memes just work for me)

if you use one of the phone apps rather than the website, they have various functionality from userscripts built in ^^

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