Why don't you get any feedback on incorrect items from the 'Extra Study' section

If I’ve learned 50 new items in the last however long they stay in the “Recent Lessons” box, I want to know at the end of that extra study session which ones I got wrong so I can reflect on them.

If I’ve made a dozen mistakes in my last practice, and go over them via the “Recent Mistakes” practice, I want to know that there’s that one kanji I’m still getting stuck on and can work harder to memorize it.

If I’ve gone and practiced 200 burn items and only got 80% right, I definitely want to know which ones I got wrong to see if there’s any patterns in forgotten kanji and more importantly to go over the incorrect ones again to see if they’ll come back to me now or if I need to maybe even reset some.

What I don’t want to do is have to do all 50 new items again, or the 11 mistaken ones which I got right on the second go through, or all 5100 of my burned items to check if I know them again. Surely there has to be a better way?


Surprised no one replied so far. What your asking for is effectively a Summary page. That’s gone even for regular study sessions and it’s not clear if or when will it come back.


The Extra Study never had a summary page and for doing the regular reviews they took away the summary page unfortunately.

Would be nice if they brought that back and added the summary page feature to the Extra Study. This would be particularly very helpful for the burned items.