I've lost half of my ability to retain information with the current update

Removing the results page doesn’t give me the chance to reinforce what I’ve made mistakes on. It was a concise page that allowed me to see the mistakes I’ve made, and quickly drill the problems.

I’m quite literally getting twice as many mistakes, on average.

If this doesn’t get reverted, I can’t say I’ll be sticking around.


Yup. I really miss it too


Yeah, it was incredibly useful! I miss it dearly


In the main menu under `Extra Study’ you can do actual drills of recent mistakes.

That’s effectively a full lesson, and a time commitment i can’t make after every lesson i do.

The summary page provided a quick 1 to 2 minute review.


You can try installing the Item Inspector script that sits on your dashboard. From there you can easily ask it to display your recent mistakes, allowing you a comprehensive view of those items.

This is what it looks like:

it’s not the same as the results page, but it helps you take note of wrong answers specifically. :slight_smile:

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For me it was incredible useful to see the items I have mixed up because they looked so similar. And just remember all mistakes in a larger session is not easy.

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The Item inspector also has visually similar items information for kanji, not to mention the Keisei-script helping in a similar way. You just click the kanji in the tableu and a pop up gives you the information. Much quicker than going into the item pages on WK. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried this userscript? It work enough for me.

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