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Since the update, when I make mistakes in reviews then they get included as part of an incomplete session in the recent mistakes section of extra study even if I didn’t have an active session going. For example, my total amount of recent mistakes is 53. In the review session I just did, I made 16 mistakes, so now it says “16 of 53 Recent Mistakes Left”. I’m assuming this is intended behavior that’s supposed to be a replacement for the summary page. However, I’d rather just review the whole batch of mistakes at once without having to go through and do the most recent ones I got wrong before being able to do the full set. Is there a way to flush the session and just do the whole batch?

Interesting. I’d never partially completed an extra study session of recent misses, so I’d never seen the “… Left” message before (only the total count after a review session). (I’ve also never started a review session of my burned items!).

Probably not what you want, but reviewing all 53 recent mistakes (instead of just 16) before your regular reviews isn’t an option?

I suppose that doing the mistakes that are already there before a review session and then doing the new mistakes after the review session would result in only doing each mistake once. However, a lot of my mistakes are for things that are still early on and have a low SRS period so doing them right before actual reviews would result in items from extra study showing up in the actual reviews, which would screw up the SRS unless I keep track of it manually and then intentionally get it wrong in the actual reviews, which seems like kind of a pain.

I’m currently just going through and doing the new mistakes and then the whole set of mistakes which means doing the newer ones twice. I don’t think doing them so close together is helpful so it’s wasting a few minutes of time, which certainly isn’t the end of the world, but my current study plan involves doing reviews four times a day and reviewing the whole set of mistakes after each time so it’s been adding up to feel kind of grating.

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I’m pretty 100% certain that nothing you review in extra study has any affect on the “real” SRS scheduling. Only your real reviews affect when you’ll see an item again in your actual reviews.

Extra study is “out of band” so to speak.

I’m of the opinion that lots of extra, out-of-band iterations for early-stage items (apprentice 1 and 2) as fast as you can do them is quite valuable. Not mandatory, but helpful when you have time.

By the way: I prefer the self-study quiz userscript over extra-study, for a couple reasons:

  1. I can explicitly review all my items currently in apprentice 1 and apprentice 2 (or 1-4) rather than anything at all that I missed in the last review, regardless what SRS stage it was in. (Or any other selection of items I choose.)

  2. After working through all the items I chose to review, it’s trivial to immediately restart another self-study session for just the items you missed the prior iteration. Say is self-study 17 stage 1-2 items the first time, and get 5 wrong. I restart reviewing just those 5 and get 2 wrong again. Then I review just those two until I get both 100% correct. It’s more efficient than three iterations of all 17 items.

It’s literally “extra” and only needs to be part of your routine if you feel like your overall accuracy is suffering during your real review sessions (affecting your morale).

Reviewing a master/enlightened item just before your formal review is probably not optimal, but early stage apprentice items are always fair game. I consider reviews of late stage items “retention tests” and early stage items “recall practice”.

Seeing an answer just before a “retention test” is cheating (like students cheating by obtaining a copy of the test beforehand).

But additional “recall practice” iterations just help you cement something into your memory until they progress far enough in the SRS that you won’t see them again for a long while.

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