Incorrect answers not listed in Burned Item review?

I was just doing some of WaniKani’s Extra Study review on Burned Items, since I had a few year gap in my WaniKani experience and wanted to find things that I don’t remember so I can resurrect them back into my review queue.

However, when I stopped my review, the Review Summary screen for that session only shows items answered correctly… no list of items that I got wrong. No way for me to find those items unless I’d been manually documenting them as i went through the queue. And I can confirm that items I got wrong are in fact still considered burned.

Any way we could get that fixed to make that extra review more useful?


@Mods do you have an opinion of this?

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I’ll check with the team as I also see the wrong items missing too just for Burned extra study.


Looks like we already have this on our list to fix. Just a little backlogged but it’ll be looked at!


Cool, thanks!

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