Extra Study Burned Items Recent Mistakes

It would be really nice to see in the Extra Study under Burned Items a Burned Items Recent Mistakes. So if someone went through 100 burned items and got 2 wrong that would go under the Burned Items Recent Mistakes. It would then given the user extra practice on what they go wrong for the Burned Items.


I agree.

This is why I don’t really use the Burned items feature. It’s not helpful to go through them, making mistakes, but they’re just removed from the queue with no way of revisiting them. Obviously, some items will need some deeper study to learn anew!

I’d also like for us to be able to decide whether or not to take something off the burned items list. Meaning, I’d like to redo all of these again down the line, but now if you go study an item, answer it correctly after a couple of mistakes, it still disappears from the queue entirely.

It would be neat if items only got taken off the list if you answer correctly at the first try + you can still somehow extra study those items that were removed from the main list of burned items to study. As a general way of refreshing your own memory of what you’ve learned on WK.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll let engineers know and we’ll report back if we decide to make changes in that direction.


Chiming in here.

It would be so helpful to be able to see which items I got wrong when Extra Studying Burned Items so I could go resurrect them if I wanted to.

An idea is to allow the user to select how many burned items they would like to practice in their session. (I would love this even without a summary page or being able to check which items I got wrong. I’d just like to say “I want to practice 40 burned items right now.” )

At the end the could be a summary page showing which items were incorrect with an options to resurrect individual incorrect items or resurrect all incorrect items.


I second eclipse77x’s suggestion. Being able to quickly resurrect burned items would help alot since I know I will forget many of them. Perhaps they don’t have to be resurrected back to Apprentice level though.

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to underline again how much it would be useful to

  1. See mistakes with burnt items (for example mark them among other mistakes with a black background)

  2. Revisit burnt items just like not burnt ones

  3. Choose how many burnt items to practice in one session

  4. I even believe it would be great if users could decide if they want to see burnt items as a part of their normal practice with not burnt ones

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Would love to emphasize as well how much I’d love to have a function for redoing the mistakes under the burned items, otherwise, the motivation of studying the burned items is kind of useless although I think that it’s super important if you want to really master your Japanese skills. Also, it would make much more sense if you’re considering to get the lifetime membership so you can always keep on studying properly even though you’ve reached level 60.

Would like to echo this, or if something along the lines of this has already been implemented and I haven’t noticed…

I’d perhaps go as far as suggesting that mistakes from Burned Items go back in your reviews. If they’re really burned in your mind, it should be fairly easy to get them back into burned. And the system never requires you to do Burned Items to advance levels so you can go at your own pace.

Any updates on this @TofuguNico ???

Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can give you right now, we have been working on other projects and Extra Study is not something we are prioritising at the moment