Why does the number of example sentences suddenly decrease in Lv 21

I’ve recently reached LV 21 and am having the first vocab lessons. But I’m quite surprised to notice the sudden decrease in the number of example sentences, most vocab now only provides one sentence. As I’m used to the normal three before and it’s also a good amount to show me different uses of the vocab in different situations. I also enjoyed reading the contents and chuckling along to the sillyness sometimes :frowning_face:

Is it the new standard for the later levels as well? I checked and some still provide three sentences but i’m not sure… Can anyone help debunk my disappointment? :weary:


I can’t really say more than what was in this very short thread.

Really, it’s more like the first 20 levels are an exception. New sentences were added to address complaints.


Thank you. So that’s how it is. I hope they will continue adding more to the later levels


if those aren’t enough and you aren’t against using scripts…there is also this tool


Any items with 3 sentences past level 20 probably used to be in the first 20 levels before, but got moved when things were shuffled for ordering reasons.


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