Number of Example Sentences for Later Vocab?


How many example sentences show up for later vocabulary items?

IIRC, at very low levels, there were 2 example sentences. I think around level 4 or 5, I started to see 3 example sentences per vocab item, but after hitting level 11, I’m only seeing 1 per item.

It’s helpful to see the vocabulary in context, so I’m worried that with only 1 example that I won’t get a good sense for how to use these words. Of course, WaniKani isn’t intended to substitute for reading practice, but I’m still curious. Do future levels only provide a single example sentence?

How context/example sentences should work
How context/example sentences should work

You noticed an increase at that level because they coincidentally added more sentences when you were getting to that level. It was 2 for the first 10 levels until recently, now it’s 3 for the first 10.

I believe they do have plans to keep increasing them.


Bit disappointing now that I have hit level 11. On the plus side, I will have more time for other things as reading through the sentences and making notes of new vocabulary has been the most time-consuming aspect of Wani-Kani so far.