Number of Example Sentences for Later Vocab?

How many example sentences show up for later vocabulary items?

IIRC, at very low levels, there were 2 example sentences. I think around level 4 or 5, I started to see 3 example sentences per vocab item, but after hitting level 11, I’m only seeing 1 per item.

It’s helpful to see the vocabulary in context, so I’m worried that with only 1 example that I won’t get a good sense for how to use these words. Of course, WaniKani isn’t intended to substitute for reading practice, but I’m still curious. Do future levels only provide a single example sentence?


You noticed an increase at that level because they coincidentally added more sentences when you were getting to that level. It was 2 for the first 10 levels until recently, now it’s 3 for the first 10.

I believe they do have plans to keep increasing them.


Bit disappointing now that I have hit level 11. On the plus side, I will have more time for other things as reading through the sentences and making notes of new vocabulary has been the most time-consuming aspect of Wani-Kani so far.

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Is there any update on this? The last update was in May 2018 for levels 11 to 20. Levels 21 to 60 still only have one example sentence for each vocab. Not to mention many vocabs that were moved to levels 1 to 20.

We have some other things that are in front of adding context sentences in terms of urgency/priority at the moment, so I don’t have an update on this.

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