Context Sentences - From 3 to 1 in level 21?

Hi guys,

Quick question. I’m currently in level 21 and I noticed that on vocabulary words I’m only seing 1 example sentence when in the past I used to get 3 (see screenshot). If this is not a bug, does anyone know if there’s any reason for this adjustment? I tried searching the topics but found nothing about this matter.

Thanks for your help!


Yeah, they haven’t added more to 21-60 yet like they did with 1-20. They used to all have just 1.


There used to be only one sample sentence per word. Last year (? I think), they started adding new example sentences to bring that number to three per item, starting with the lower levels.

Considering Kristen, the person in charge of that, isn’t working with WK anymore, I feel that won’t change for a while.


Thank you for the quick reply! I see you’re a super active user in the community so receiving a reply from you feels like being acknowledged by a demi-god or something! :smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I did not know Kristen was in charge of that - I actually got the feels when I found out she is no longer around. She wrote a really nice message to me in the postcard/certificate users get when completing level 3. She’ll always be in my heart


She’s not dead… I think


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