Why can't I play audio when I'm typing Katakana?

Unless I’m very much mistaken, I was under the impression that the pronunciation for a word doesn’t change when it’s written in Katakana vs Hiragana.


Shouldn’t we be able to play the audios for the Hiragana even if we type using Katakana in all cases? Or shouldn’t the audio for the Hiragana be duplicated and accessible for the Katakana?

My use case is after each review I press the “j” hotkey to listen to the audio (if I’m alone) but when I answer a review using the katakana it doesn’t play any audio at all…

That sounds like a bug. They added multiple audio options for words with more than one reading, making it play the one you answered with if it exists. Maybe they didn’t account for this case. I’d recommend you email them at hello@wanikani.com since they like to track bugs that way.

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Thanks @seanblue, I will do that!

I don’t remember which one, but there was a vocab with two readings, differing only in じ vs. ぢ. There was audio with both male and female voice for one of them, but only one audio for the other. These are likely to be oversights, and they’ve said a while ago that fixing missing audio has less priority than other currently ongoing projects.

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