Audio playback only playing the primary pronunciation

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so I just did some vocabulary lessons und during the quiz I got 四 which has two pronounciations よん and し. I typed in し, but the audio playback said よん. Which was quite irritating.
Is this a known issue? I haven’t found anything about this with the search.


There’s usually only one audio track recorded per vocab. For most vocab’s this is fine, but occasionally you get multiple valid readings, like with 四(よん、し)and 何(なに、なん)

There’s no bug, just a limitation in how WaniKani handles the audio clips.

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I see. Might be something to improve upon in the future, though, as it is quite irritating to hear よん when you actually typed し.

Just moved this to the feedback subcategory, as it’s not so much a bug as it is a suggestion to improve the site. And I agree! It would be great to hear audio for multiple readings, even if I had to manually click them.

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