No audio on lessons

voices are not playing when I am doing lessons anymore.
There is not an icon to play either.

Hi @RogerBang, are you using any scripts with Wanikani? What web browser are you using?
Do you have a screenshot of the lessons that doesn’t give you audio? We are missing audio for some vocab but most should still have them.

Feel free to email us at with the details too so we can take a closer look!

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I am using Chrome, I do have some scripts through Tampermonkey. But have disabled the extension right now and still not showing up. it is for every lesson. (have done 15 today, none have voice)

this is a screenshot.
there is no audio icon

Kanji don’t have audio, just vocab.


oh wow, I never even realized that. Why though?

The concept of audio for kanji doesn’t really make sense. The same kanji (even with the same reading) can be pronounced differently in different words due to pitch accent. So it’s impossible to provide audio for kanji that is always accurate. That’s why kanji just have readings.


that makes a lot of sense actually. Sorry for the dumb question then, I am fairly new even after all this time.

thank you


Don’t worry about asking questions. It’s always better to ask for help when you need it. :slight_smile:


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