Audio bug: multiple sound bytes played with new Kana-Only vocab lessons

Maybe related to new implementation for kana only vocab. I noticed with the first lesson リンゴ, everything was working fine. But starting from the second one おやつ, when i play the audio with the shortcut “J”, both the リンゴ and the おやつ audio were playing at the same time. Then the third lesson, which is back to regular kanji vocab, also had the same issue, now with all three words’ audio playing with the same time. This continued all the way to the fifth lesson with all five words’ audio playing at the same time (where the latter 3 were just the old kanji vocab).

When I checked it in the next set of 5 lessons (which did not contain any kana-only vocab), it seemed to be working fine again.


@Mods is this a known bug?


It is indeed, we’re working on a fix already, thanks for the heads up though!

Update: This should be resolved now, let us know though if you are still encountering the issue.


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