Weird Pronunciation Bug (audio won't play)

I have the automatic pronunciation thing turned on, but I’ve noticed that, for some reason, whenever a word contains 員, (全員、会員、会社員 etc.) it’s not pronouncing the word despite that a pronunciation does exist and giving me this weird :no_entry_sign: where the speaker symbol would be. I’m like super confused–can anyone possibly help?


Does it happen during lessons or reviews?
If you trigger audio manully, does it work?

Hey, just wanted to mention that I’m having the exact same bug. You’re not the only one with this problem :slightly_smiling_face: . I Never paid attention to the speaker symbol though.
You can still trigger the pronunciation by manually clicking the button next to Kyoko’s or Kenichi’s name.

Doing my reviews (Windows 10, Chrome 83) and the audio for 睡眠薬 won’t play (instead of the :loudspeaker: symbol there’s a :no_entry_sign: symbol). Pressing “J” does nothing. But if you look at the “Reading” section you can see that both Kyoko and Kenichi pronunciations are there and playable).

Sorry for the late reply. It happens during reviews, and it doesn’t work when hitting the speaker button but, going down into the description, I can play it, as @POLLantron said.

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