Where can I find all episodes of Terrace House boys and girls next door?


I started watching terrace house recently but unfortunately not all of the episodes are available. does anyone know where I can watch all 98 episodes with english sub?


There is a group called CostcoSubs who is translating Teraha Boys&GirlsNextDoor to English. I think they’re even finished with it. If you can get the subtitles from CostcoSubs and the videos from somewhere else, you can watch the series with English subtitles. You can also support CostcoSubs on Patreon:


thank you for your reply. I already found the eps :blush:
I’m now watching the last season :+1:t5:


Hey, how’s it going man. If I may ask, would you be able to share where you found the subtitled Boys × Girls Next Door episodes? My gf and I have been trying to find the first series for some time. Thanks in advance!


You can get an international VPN and learn Japanese as fast as you can!


I can send them to you if you want. not sure I’m allowed to post the link in here


Definitely, I’d appreciate that! My email is my username (Gmail).


Would you mind sending me the link as well? I can’t find episode 58 anywhere. Thanks!


yeah sure just give me something were I can send you the links. like email, Twitter ect


Hey! do you mind sending me the link? you can email me at: soakeee@gmail.com



My email is fcbcool@gmail.com Thanks so much!


Can you also send the link to me?? My email is my username @gmail.com THANKS


Can you please send me the link too?

Thank you!


Hey! I can’t seem to see the email. Would you mind sending it again fcbcool@gmail.com
Thanks so much!


hey could i also get the link off you? my email is bpwearmoth@gmail.com
Thank you so much!!!


I was spoiled getting ahead in OND in Japan… trying to catch up again. Could I get the link?
my email is joelyoshiya@gmail.com

would be much appreciated!


Hi! I wanted to hop in with everyone else here to see if you wouldn’t mind sending that link my way as well. Could you send it to wakeupdreamer@gmail.com


Can you send me the link as well please? Beltran.joe1452@gmail.com


Me too, please, if it’s not too much trouble! :slight_smile: shaking.sinews@gmail.com


Part of the rules for the forum is respecting copyright, so I’m going to close this thread. Also, you should always be careful about sharing your email address, particularly on the public parts of the forums, without at least putting them in spoiler tags.