Terrace House: Having trouble understanding dialects

So I started re-watching Terrace House Boys x Girls Next Door with Japanese subs and I’m really enjoying it.

Funny thing I noticed was that I’m having trouble understanding Hana-chan when she was talking.

Did some you make the same experience?

Here’s a reference video

Her Wikipedia page says she’s from Saitama (which is very close to Tokyo). What exactly were you referring to by her dialect?

Watching the video, she definitely speaks quickly, but I don’t hear anything in particular that is non-standard. But then again, I’m no expert on varieties of Japanese, so maybe there’s something specific I’m missing.

I agree that her Japanese sounds pretty typical. Perhaps it’s her speed or just her own speaking style that’s giving you trouble. I found it difficult to catch the end of some of her sentences as she lowers her voice and the sounds seem to run together with her laugh.


I could be mistaken bc she just speaks so fast haha guess I’m just not used to it if people speak a bit faster

yeah I guess that’s what’s making it difficult for me to understand her

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