Terrace House Boys x Girls next Door on Netflix

I wanted to start watching the first season of terrace house on Netflix but I couldn’t find it.
Is it named differently on the Netflix us or do I have to sign into Netflix.jp to watch it?

if possible please send me a link or explain in detail how I can sign into Netflix.jp.

Thanks in advance :blush:

It’s not available on Netflix us unfortunately =(

Apparently they didn’t release Boys x Girl Next Door outside of Japan nor had any English translations – now the first 12 episodes (of 26) are available on Netflix JP only but still with no English subs, so you might need to find somewhere else to watch it. I think there are some sites that have made English subs that you can load while watching it on Netflix

I found this reddit explaining how to access Netflix JP, I haven’t tried it myself, but some googling should lead you in the right direction :upside_down_face:


The reason why it’s not available on Netflix is because it wasn’t a Netflix production. The first series that Netflix produced was Boys & Girls in the City. However, it’s not impossible for Netflix to buy the broadcasting rights to Boys × Girls Next Door in the future.

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Also, the Boys × Girls Next Door commentators’ discussions mention a lot of Japanese pop culture (TV shows, manzai groups, celebrities) that people outside of Japan wouldn’t get. I don’t know how Netflix would translate this.

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