Terrace House Aloha State EP 01 Anki Deck (DECK AVAILABLE)

I was able to get my hands on a rip of the first episode of Terrace House Aloha State so I decided to use subs2srs and make an anki deck. The deck consists in all the lines of the japanese subtitle and an english translation provided by the english subs, as well the audio clips for those lines. I made it manly to improve my listening skill, so It’s nothing too fancy lol


Please bear in mind that the translation is just the one which was provided by the english subtitles, so it lacks a lot of fine details. The main purpose of this deck is to improve my listening skill, so I didn’t really care about the translation. But you can edit each card and add the informations you feel it needs.

Also, as far as I know the japanese subtitles were made using Google API OCR, It’s the best OCR method out there, but if something looks weird, then it probably is. (I’ve watched the episode and except for Lauren’s name I didn’t see anything weird tho)

Hope you guys like it.

If it is against the rule please tell me and I’ll delete it!


Pretty sure, yeah. Certainly others have shared Anki decks on the forums before. Whether the method by which you accessed the source content makes a difference, I’ve no clue, but again, I don’t think there’d be a problem with you sharing the deck.

Yes please share!

I’d be interested too :slight_smile:

I stopped watching Aloha State when Lauren left hahaaa


Just uploaded the deck! Hope you guys like it!

Lauren is so boring argh! I’m happy she left lmao

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Lauren is my waifuuuuu…

You need to improve your waifu game man!

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But…she’s 3D.

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Not Aloha State, but still related:

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I still get so sad when I think about her leaving. She was such a quirky, clumsy, creative girl.

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cuirky, clumsy, creative…

She’s 3C! :heart:

Why isn’t it the official opening yet?

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