Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City Reading Practice (SPOILERS)

Not very long ago I finished watching the Japanese reality show Terrace House (B&GITC), whilst watching I decided to take a few screenshots of Japanese writing.

If you have seen the show already, you might enjoy looking through the screenshots more so than if you have never seen the show before.

If you have never seen the show, there are some screenshots that might be considered spoilers.

The Japanese shown is a mixture of handwritten, printed/digital text and ketchup on omurice.

I expected to find a lot more than examples than I did, but since I have them now I thought I would share them.

E4 - Mizuki Note

E4 - Terrace House Netflix

E14 - Omurice

E14 - Welcome back Uchi

E19 - Cleaning Duty

E20 - Natsumi Note

E35 - Hansan Note

E37 - Cup Noodle Museum

E38 - Driving Test

E42 - Skateboarding

E43 - Martha Note

E45 - Riko Note


… Is “coward” a typical thing to write on omurice? :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, probably getting a little off topic, but I’m gonna be in a position where I could visit the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama on my trip next month, but the TripAdvisor reviews generally come across as “it’s for kids - adults will find it meh”. Any comments from this crowd?

The Omurice Incident

Two housemates (Uchi and Minori) were in a relationship, they had been dating for weeks and not a lot had happened, Minori made omurice for everyone and made this particular one for Uchi to find when he would come home because she didn’t feel like he was making enough of an effort. Unfortunately it backfires…

Cup Noodle Museum

I wanted to go there when I last visited Japan but it was a bit too far from where I was staying. Like many museums, there are a lot of activities for children. The museum is specifically based on the Nissin brand Cup Noodles so you might expect to see a lot of self-promotion.

The whole museum building in Yokohama seems to be really well designed, you can view most of the museum in Google Street View.

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Basically, Minori and Uchi had been going on several dates, and Uchi had told her that he liked her twice (!), but both times Minori said that she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet.

So he gave her time. But then she got impatient and thought that his lack of action meant cowardice.

Translation: if he had pushed on and kept asking her out, she would have been annoyed because she already told him she needed more time. But when she was ready, he had to be able to read her mind and ask her out immediately. Any delay would be perceived as “unmanly”. :weary::sob::confounded::astonished::sweat:


That… kinda seem like a pretty incredible flip-flop. I guess it is reality TV, though.

I wouldn’t call it flip-flop, just immature. She didn’t reject him and then accepted him afterwards. Rather, she expected him to give her what she wants, when she wants it. Not a minute too soon or too late. Note also that she could’ve as easily asked him out. We are after all living in a world where women and men are equals. And yet she expects him to do all the work.

HAHAHA ! i love this show, and the ketchup on omurice moments !! i’m still watching on netflix, so will wait till I’ve finished to read the whole thread !


That’s a much better description of the events then what I could give.

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Google Translate translates「いくじなし」as “sissy,” which makes it even more hilarious. I want to believe that’s what it really means.

Edit: Whoops, didn’t notice this thread is eight months old :sweat:

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