Terrace House boys and girls next door Japanese subs

hey guys it’s been a while.

A few days ago I checked Kitsun and it has a new feature where you can upload your favorites shows with the corresponding subtitle files to create flashcards.

Since I already watched the first season of terrace house I thought about creating a deck from ep 1. Problem is I don’t know where I can find the corresponding Japanese subs.
I know Costco Subs does the translation into English but I haven’t come across any site that offers the Japanese subtitle files for it

if anyone could help me out I’d be super grateful.

thank you.

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You may consider the LLN extension for chrome. I’ve some problems in the past but has been stable lately and has worked better than the Subadub (not accurate at all). If you are using a Japan VNP, you should have no trouble with Japanese subs.

There are Anki decks and shadowing loops for TH if interested though I’ve never tried:

If you switch your profile language to JP, you get JP subs also without VPN.
With Subadub it is easy to download Netflix subtitles with just the one click. If you don’t have Netflix then… I think I saw them somewhere but can’t remember where exactly.

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