When is the next lifetime membership offer?

Hi, I think i’m ready to commit to wanikani.
I don’t want to be paying monthly/yearly now and wait only till the end of the year to get the lifetime offer.
Are there other periods during the year that the lifetime offer is given?

You can get it now, you’ll just be paying the full price.

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As long as I’ve been here, Lifetime has only ever gone on sale around Christmas / New Year’s.

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Nope, but there is a slight discount on lifetime if you pay for it while still on another subscription like monthly or annual.

More often than not, WaniKani is on offer on late december/early january, that’s when I got Lifetime.

What I’d recommend to do is to get 50% off the year subscription with the code CRAB YORI GATOR, wait for the december sale, and have them prorate the rest of the yearly subscription towards your Lifetime. It’s hella worth it!

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That code hasn’t worked in a long time.

Also that’s pretty rude to post in the Wanikani Forums to begin with.


You could always wait until you win the lotto, then enter the code CHUMP CHANGE when purchasing the lifetime membership. (Now that I think about it, that comes across pretty rude too).

There’s a code that went out in an email or something apparently, so there’s at least one code that is available to the public, so if it’s not that one someone can find that.

„did you really just share this on reddit“

That was the last code i heard off, but it was already inactive, when I bought my yearly subscription last month.
But to be honest, just pay full and support this awesome webpage. I think it has a reqlly fair pricing

It might not be that he doesn’t want to pay full and support the webpage, but simply that he can’t afford it. 300USD isn’t exactly cheap, in my opinion it would be worth it, however that might not be true for everyone.


yes long term wise i wont be about to afford it so i rather get the lifetime discount now

good to know, thanks!

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