Discount on Lifetime License

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was a discount code for the Lifetime membership available now. I hear that there is a 1/3 off code available around December.
If there was a 1/3 off available now then I’d purchase it instantly. I find $299 to be too high for me. I also don’t like the monthly subscription.

Happy Studying!!

Just read in another post, that if I get the monthly subscription now and then buy the lifetime when there is a discount available, I’d have all the months I’d already paid for subtracted from the total.

Anyone else able to verify that it worked for them?

Its a shame they don’t just offer the lifetime for $200 as I’d get that right away.

If there was a 1/3 off available now, it’d be December…


Pretty sure that’s only true for the months that havent passend yet.
So if you bought a yearly subscription now and lifetime at christmas, you’d get 4(?) months worth returned.

Also, if it’s about saving money, lifetime isn’t all that good a choice anyways.
Trying WaniKani with a yearly subscription to see if it’s for you is probably the best.
And if you’re going really fast its way cheaper too :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it’s merely prorated. Any portion of a subscription that hasn’t been used yet gets applied to an upgrade. So, 1 month is like $9, right? And Lifetime is $299, so if you start a new month, and then immediately upgrade, you’d get a $9 credit on the Lifetime, making it $290. No matter how many prior months you had been subscribed.


If you intend to go fast, get the yearly subscription and if you can’t finish by then add a couple of months later.

If you intend to go very slow, buy the yearly and upgrade at the december sale.

Of course, a lot of people intend to go fast but then don’t, so there’s that.

And if you don’t know if you’re gonna stick to WK, better get the monthly for a while.


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