When given kana only, make kanji!

Besides the use of scripts to avoid the kana-only vocabulary, user synonyms may help those who want to focus on kanji.

As example see the image below. Some classical literary works use the kanji version of いつ (see 何時 in the first paragraph of Natsume Soseki’s The Third Night below). And some of kana-only vocabulary may be written in kanji.

I just added the synonyms now, so far I have not tested if the system will accept them in the reviews.


This could be a cool “solution” for anti-kana people! I remember being so surprised when I first saw that まで had a kanji (迄) !


Wouldn’t people just type in the kana that they see on screen and just hit space bar until the right kanji pops up?


I think that only works if you do reviews from your Japanese keyboard? Which I don’t do because it messes up the English input? Not sure, tbh.

In any case this seems like a good solution for people who want to use it as an opportunity to learn more unusual kanji/readings, I could be wrong but I don’t think OP was recommending it as something wanikani itself should do

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Wait so how else would you input the synonym?

I got that he wasn’t suggesting it to be implemented, but I just don’t understand what the synonym is for.


That’s a good point lol. I’ve had some difficulty in other srs systems with entering kanji instead of hiragana or katakana, I wonder if it actually works in any case

Maybe using the draw pad input? (I forgot what it’s called; the one where you draw the kanji instead of typing)

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