Meaning synonym in KaniWani

How do you add a meaning synonym in English so that for instance to distinguish between the two forest vocabulary you could write “the two tree one” and “the three tree one”? You seem to only be able to add synonyms in kana and kanji.

I was under the impression it just pulls stuff over from your WK user synonyms for that purpose. But I’m not in a position where checking it is easy, given my current KW level and my current WK level.

No it doesn’t. And that wouldn’t even work for what I’m asking, because you can’t add synonyms for when it’s asking you the question.

Why wouldn’t it work… if “the two tree one” was a user synonym on WK and it pulled it over you’d see it on the list of words on KW.

Because KW doesn’t carry over user synonyms and even if it did, it wouldn’t work because you need to be able to add synonyms to the questions, not just the answers. Like when KW asks for “forest”, you need to have a synonym next to what it’s asking for to know if it means the two tree kanji or the three tree.

I just confirmed it doesn’t, by adding “the three tree one” to 森 as a user synonym here and it didn’t show up on KW, but if they did pull over user synonyms for the prompt here it’d work, I don’t see why you think it wouldn’t. It would obviously put the WK answers in the KW questions…

Here’s my incredible mockup of what it would look like.

EDIT: BTW I just asked if they can add this in the KW thread.


As Leebo already said: it does. But when I did that in the past, it always took a while until the synonyms were synced to KaniWani. Maybe that is why you think it doesn’t do it? Or maybe they currently have some kind of sync issue?


On a side note: “The three tree one” is a good one :). I just gave up yesterday and merged the “two tree” and “tree three” words into one in KaniWani, I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. I have no idea what the difference between grove and forest and whatnot is in English and it has never been relevant. I probably won’t care about the subtle difference in Japanese either.


Leebo JUST said that it doesn’t.

If it’s not syncing them anymore then it’s a KW bug, possibly introduced since the update. I have these very synonyms already.

two-trees three-trees

It doesn’t sync immediately, as noted in the Kaniwani thread where I asked the question. irrelephant was referring to where I said it in my first post.

I was right initially, but my test failed because it doesn’t sync up the synonyms quickly enough for what I did to come through.

So for reference, any synonyms could take ~12 hours to sync.

We have millions of vocab entries which we can’t afford to pound WK’s servers constantly checking if anything has changed. So we have rolling syncs that occur roughly at least once every 12 hours - so you can get updates/newly unlocked WK words appearing on KW about once a day.

If you’ve added a synonym and it’s definitely been 24 hours, then there may be a problem.

On a side note, if you add the synonym during your WK lesson - I think that will be pretty much guaranteed to appear with your first KW question (since the sync that receives that word from WK, would already have the synonym bundled with it).

How did you get the synonyms to not be in all caps?

pictured was how they’re displayed on KW. WK still shows them in caps regardless of what case i type em in.