What's your weirdest mnemonic that actually works?

I know this thread seems to come up frequently, but the similar topics don’t show me any other active threads.

So post your weirdest, roundabout, downright bizarre mnemonics here that actually work as intended. That is, you arrive to the objective through the mnemonic instead of recollecting the mnemonic after the objective.

For me, it’s gotta be 赤 for red. It kinda looks like the Sinanju (or the Neo-Zeong too). Bottom heavy, huge legs, the two boosters for the side-drops, red, piloted by the red comet.


The default meaning and reading mnemonic being… a bit of a stretch.

Kept getting it wrong, particularly the reading. So eventually I stared at it and said to myself, “I’m never going to remember the @*$#*3 reading of this slope kanji, so I might as well go play some さか”

And then it stuck.


Lol I have the same for 央. I kept getting it wrong then realized ITS ONLY USED IN A SINGLE JUKUGO and nowhere else… and was like “oh…” so おう…


I remember 正直 (shoujiki) because it sounds similar (kinda?) to the Kojiki which is the creation myth in Japan so I find it a bit funny when I get to it since 正直 means honest.


revolve send = transmission?
well OK if I associate it with

Neurotransmitters from “my amazing body” cartoon series: look at them go.


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