The most ridiculous and hilarious WaniKani mnemonics

One of the best parts of WK for me so far has been the reading and meaning mnemonics accompanying the lessons. From a quick scan of the forums, I know that the jury’s still out on how effective they are for people (and yes, some could definitely be improved). But as someone who writes/edits for a living and loves words, I find them an absolute delight to read – particularly the ones that are just so ridiculous and over the top :smile:

I thought I would start a thread to document the ones that make me laugh and that I find most outrageous. Also, I think my non-WK friends are sick of me sending them examples and having them wonder what crazy program I’ve signed up for :sweat_smile: Feel free to add to this thread and share the mnemonics that make you giggle, shake your head, or think “How do they even come up with this stuff?!”

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone! :christmas_tree:


Reading mnemonic: Flower

The leader can’t stop planting flowers though. He’s going crazy. Maybe it’s the pollen? He comes up to someone named Hannah (はな) and starts planting flowers in her face, probably killing her in the process.



My family must think I’m crazy when they see me studying kanji and burst out laughing!


Yea, honestly, I can’t handle the mnemonics stories so far, so I just use them if there’s something I keep making a mistake on. They’re just too long for me to effectively remember.


Saturn - 土星

The ground star is Saturn. That’s why it’s called "sat"urn. Because the first people to find it sat on the ground there. It’s a star made completely of sit-on-able ground.



You’re getting all hot and sweaty, but the feeling makes you incredibly happy and gay (げ). Then someone asks, as they look at you in the steam: “Hey, you gay?” (ゆげ). You answer however you want to answer.


Same but I have to come up with my own mnemonics every time. The mnemonics here are absolutely horrible, especially for kanji.

That one is awesome!!! LOL! I still use the term “gay” with its original intent quite often. But seriously, how can anyone forget this one? :heart:

Not really a mnemonic but a context sentence


In my boyfriend’s room a bunch of dust was fluttering about and it was disgusting, so I tried to imagine that they were beautiful petals fluttering about instead. It didn’t work.

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Just had a ridiculous one ten minutes ago. The timing of these community posts never fail to amaze me.

You fly closer, counting all one hundred leaves when you hear a strange sound. You take off your space helmet and hear, “GUH HYUCK (ひゃく)!” You know that laugh… it’s Goofy! On top of the hundredth leaf is Goofy laughing and waving around. He must have built this leaf tower to get your attention.


The best part is the “It didn’t work.” :rofl:

@Jelte Yes! Some of them literally make me laugh out loud.

@smellslikerain Haha now I can’t NOT hear Goofy laughing.


Once again, you put a footer in your note because you can’t remember the reading to this word because the mnemonic is so bad (sorry!).




Just going to put this out there. What did you think I was talking about?



Alright, calling the thread (幺) radical poop is also pretty ridic…


Haha agreed! When I saw that I was like…really…was that the best option? :thinking:

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Dick Cheney is one of the default meanings input for the 黒幕, aka Wirepuller/Masterminf。Not a mnemonic, but it’s still pretty hilarious.

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Reading mnemonic: Time (kanji)

Time in a temple makes you think of Jesus (じ). Specifically, Jesus being able to perform time travel magic. He winks at you, goes back to the dinosaur ages, where he wrestles a T-rex. Then, he goes to WWII era and punches Hitler in the mouth.


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