What's your Favorite Anime Moment? Here is mine

My favorite anime is Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s and here is my all-time favorite anime moment.

My level is still basic when it comes to Japanese grammar but I can finally understand some of the things they say and it’s just so satisfying to see all my work paying off. Also, understanding things in Japanese makes the moments x10 more epic, especially when you can repeat the sentences yourself.

Here is the video(without subtitles):

I tried to make a Japanese transcript of these 40 legendary seconds (1:20 - 2:00):

Note: I obviously helped myself with the English Subtitles from the anime…

不動遊星(Fudo Yusei):シューティング・スター・ドラゴン?
“Shooting Star Dragon”…?

Clear Mind!!

I am tuning my level eight synchro monster, Stardust Dragon to my level two synchro tuner, Formula Synchron!

What?! He’s synchro summoning during his opponent’s turn?!

不動遊星(Fudo Yusei):集いし夢の結晶が、新たな進化の扉を開く、光さす道となれ!
Clustering crystal dreams open the door to a new evolution! Become the path its light shines upon!



When Goku turned Super Saiyan for the very first time. During my childhood, that transformation blew my mind!

Plus, that’s the only anime my mom watched with my brother and I when we were kids and she was just as hyped for that moment as we were. So it was special


Mine is definitely the ending of Shigatsu… I’d hesitate to call the entire last episode a “moment”, but it really struck a chord with me, especially the last 10 mins


I don’t think I have a favourite anime moment. If I do, it’s probably from Prince of Tennis.

Yu-gi-oh never really interested me either.

レベル2 I think.


@Tae_Tea Yeah, I think everyone has a favorite DBZ moment. Mine was when Gohan transformed to SSJ2 against Cell.

@Aranharisu You mean Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso?

@Saida Haha thanks, when you make a mistake in the easiest part…


Yes sir i sure do

If I had to choose then I’d say the flower field scene in Clannad: After Story episode 18.

Other contenders would be:
Squealers speech at the end of Shinseki Yori
“I can’t hear the fireworks” from the finale of the more recent Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Or any number of moments from the Monogatari series

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I’ve seen too many good shows to pick just one, so here are a few great examples:

  • The toothbrushing scene from Nisemonogatari
  • When Unit 01 goes berserk in the end of Rebuild of Evangelion 02
  • The last fight of Unit 02 in End of Evangelion
  • Griffith activating the Behelit in the end of the old Berserk TV show
  • When doctor Tamayo is really touched by Nezuko accepting her as human in Demon Slayer
  • the fight between Rikka and her sister at the place where their old family house was located and the fanatsy starts to break apart in Chyuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
  • pretty much every duel in Revolutionary Girl Utena, especially the ones closer to the end of the show

題文字D 一冊 ー 藤原文太「死ぬなよ…]

Fujiwara Bunta telling Iketani to not die, because he (Bunta) is still not particularly sure WTF is going on. In the anime, it’s good, in the text, it’s even better.
It’s kind and hilarious and has every possible parenting of late teen sons emotion rolled up in it.

My favorite sad scene is a single pan of landscape to stars in the sky. When I saw the text version, it really struck me how extremely faithfully it was represented on screen.

Too many DragonBall moments to list.

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一つだけ? それは絶対無理でしょう. Edward’s spiel at the end of FMA: Brotherhood, the final bit of episode 19 of とらドラ, Minori’s confession, Hachiman’s request in 俺ガイル…
The list just goes on and on.

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It’s actually funny because I expected people to put some hype moments, however, I am seeing a lot of sad scenes.

@Yossa Clannad <3

@d-hermit I see that you are a man of culture.

@atomicalex Does this mean “Title: D, Volume 1”? I only know 題 with 問題 lol.

@crock47 Was this meant to me or is it a quote from an anime?

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  • I’ve only been watching anime for a short time. I started with first Gundam about a year ago, and since then have watched Gundam, and couple of other anime, non-stop! My favourite moment of all is impossible to say, but the death of Ramba Ral (“favourite”? well, you know what I mean) in first Gundam has to be right up there.

  • Although the absolute saddest moment is not the death of Ramba Ral, the saddest is the death of Miharu; that is truly heartbreaking. Too sad to post. Another great Gundam moment is the desert battle (and more deaths!) with Andy in Seed, but I’ve found that you really need to watch first Gundam first or else you can’t really appreciate anything that follows!


My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!


Maybe add a spoiler to this post so that people currently watching the show dont have it ruined

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Have no doubts about it :wink:

Shaft must be my favourite studio. I even went to see their office and neighbourhood when I was in Tokyo.

I also remembered a few other wonderful moments!

Konsuba S2 - when Aqua cult members were desperately trying to get Kazuma to join the cult.

Welcome to the NHK - dream analysis sequence (I read Freud’s book just a year or two before watching the anime, so it was good timing :smiley: )

World Coquest Zvezda Plot - anti smoking tirade. I heard the anime got boycotted after it as smoking is quite commong in Japan but as a non-smoker I abosolutely loved it!


I have many, but this comes on top of my mind. Erwing marching forward do his death. (AOT)


Initial D, a streetracing manga/anime.

I have plenty of favorite anime moments, too many that I can’t even think of, but I know one, for sure, every time it happens, it fills me with an everlasting stroke of joy, making me want to see more.

What might it be ?

Every time Honoka is on screen, naturally

The only one I watched in your list is “Welcome to the NHK” and I don’t even remember that scene haha.

You mean inside the office or outside? If it’s inside, how did you do it?

@atomicalex Yeah I know the anime even if I didn’t watch it. That old Toyota is so famous. I was actually asking for the meaning of the Kanji itself.

@Loglog74 I can see that from your profile picture :smile:

If I had to pick my absolute favorite I’d be thinking all day but off the top of my head The Slap in Steins;Gate 0.

All is lost, history’s about to repeat itself, but then the Lab Mems’ mad perseverance finally pays off, Hacking to the Gate starts playing, and the name of the route is revealed confirming that the past has indeed been changed.

I loved that scene in the visual novel, but it blew my mind in the anime.