What is your favorite Vocab word from the first 10 levels?

I was wondering what vocab word you guys liked the most or thought was the most useful in the first ten levels. My favorite would have to be 仕方がない (Can’t be helped, lvl 6) because I hear that phrase a lot when watching Japanese shows and whatnot. It seems like a pretty common phrase and I remember it instantly whenever I review it.
Of course if I had to choose a 2nd favorite vocab word it would be 金玉
Lemme know what you think!


いい加減にしろ cut it out

I actually hear this quite a lot in anime too.


I was expecting a 金玉 drop, so I’m not sure how come I didn’t see it coming as soon as the first post.

Though I’m probably gonna go with 気をつけて Be careful. Popping up a whole lot whenever I’m checking NHK Easy.


Immediately 金玉 came into my mind


I don’t think that’s in the first 10 levels but I’ve heard that a lot as well!


Ah sorry, I missed that part.

For the first 10 levels it would be 研究所 because I remembered that one from Pokémon.


I just got 金玉 today, and was impressed and surprised. How does one say “gold ball” then, without double entendre?


My favorite is 仕草 from level 5.

At first I hated it and it was a leech of mine for a long time. Doing 仕 + Grass 草 = Action !? Weird onyomi-kunyomi compound !? Also, the primary meaning from WK is really misleading “Action” !?

But now I really like 仕草 because I think there is no single word in English to convey the concept. “Gesture” is maybe the closest but not right either. From what I understand 仕草 are all the very small body movement/pattern a person does, usually without thinking in some situation. Like the way the face someone does when focusing, the way someone play with their hair when daydreaming etc.


I like ‘can’t be helped’ as well. Find the America words referencing rice amusing, south and rice together for south America is funny.

This honestly drives me up the wall, but only because it gets so easily and carelessly thrown around. I get that there are some things that you can’t change and have to accept. But there are plenty of times I’ve heard it and thought, “You could totally change that, you’re just too lazy to give it a shot”.


For some reason i kept typing しょうがない (even though I don’t know where I heard this before and dont really know if means the same thing) instead of 仕方がない, so for a while it was a leech for me. But now it’s probably the one I like the most too.

But there is a lot of words that i really liked (apart from the infamous 金玉):

  • 大切, I just really like how it sounds, no other reason at all.
  • 宝石 (i was watching the anime 宝石の国 at the same time!)
  • 声 and 形 (reminded me of my favorite anime movie)
    And a lot more…

Came here to say the same.

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Probably 金の玉


I’d say “I’m too lazy to give it a shot” is probably a fair translation sometimes lol


しょうがない does mean the same thing as 仕方がない, but it does have different kanji: 仕様がない. I’d also only heard しょうがない before (I learned it from a scene in the anime 「君と僕。」in which there was a pun based on the phrase sounding similar to the word for ginger, 生姜 (しょうが)) so I messed up with 仕方がない a bunch too.

I tend to like words I’ve heard before from anime as well, like 谷, 耳, or 四月. Words are just easier to learn when you’ve heard them before. Plus they have some good associations with them for me.

EDIT: I also like 心. How it sounds, how it looks, what it means. Although I find it kind of hard to write at times…


I’m not that far into the levels but so far 下さい is my favourite word.


女の子 :girl:t2:


集中 concentration(しゅうちゅう)from 鬼滅の刃kimetsu no yaiba i remember being excited when i first learned it.


Which level is it???

In which level is 気をつけて?