What's wrong with this Vocab on wkstats?

I have a vocab entry on wkstats on level 3 which I have still not studied. It shows that the item is unavailable and when I click on that item, it redirects me to the main page of wkstats. When will I learn that entry or has that been removed from Wanikani?

Attaching the screenshot: First row 3rd from last.


It was removed

wkstats doesn’t have it updated yet


I believe it was removed just recently.
I think this was mainly because it was read こんにちは but you almost never see it written like that.
When you see 今日は it is usually きょうは.

So I think they removed it to avoid confusion.


Dang it Leebo. Leebo’ing me a split second before my post.

The funny thing is I was thinking as soon as I saw this point that I could possibly beat the almighty Leebo, but it seems I have fail.


Haha, thank you for your answer though. Now I am confused what to mark as a solution! :smiley:

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One has a link, but the other has an explanation. Tough one! Just mark your own reply? :woman_shrugging:t6:

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By the way, wkstats.com/v2 fixes this issue. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

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Yup… the old v1 site will no longer be updated.
v2 updates automatically.

(Now, I just need some free time to finish adding the ‘projections’ page so I can make it the default version!)


There´s…a V2 site?

Which one should I use moving forward? V1 has been very effective.

As @l_l said above, the v2 site is [wkstats.com/v2].
Generally, you should use it for everthing except the ‘Projections’ page, which isn’t complete on version 2 yet. v2 is able to automatically adapt to most Wanikani content changes, so it will remain up to date. Also, due to the better information that Wanikani’s APIv2 provides, the information provided by wkstats v2 is generally more accurate.

waits patiently for 12 months xD


Based on past experience, that could very well be true. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks man, had no idea that was a thing! I just happened to find this thread when wkstats v1 stopped working for me today.

Wow, I didn’t know they removed it!


(I liked the projections view…it gave me good insight on dates if I kept my rhythm)

The closer I get to 60, the less patient I become…

And the more I realize I can just do the math on my own.

Oh, it still works for me. Are they removing accesses in batches?

Yup. There’s also wolframalpha.com:

Entering “(6+20/24) * (60-48) days from now”

11:33:43 pm EDT | Saturday, May 23, 2020

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It shows that the page is still under construction for me. How did you get the view?

They’re referring to the projections on the v1 site.

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