Extra vocab item in WKstats

This isn’t strictly about WaniKani, as it’s WKStats, but I have two vocab items shown in Stats that don’t exist in the WK vocab.

In level 2:

In level 3:


These items have been removed from Wanikani


(I think) V2 of WKStats uses the API to get the list of items, so it should always be up to date.
Though V2 is still WIP.



I didn’t realise they removed 今日は. I’m glad. It seemed to give some people the idea that the kanji form was a common thing to use. Don’t remember if it mentioned in the item description that it’s usually in kana, but probably better to prevent people from making that assumption altogether.

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I used to always read it as きょうは in my head every time it came up for review


So much YES to that. That’s always how I end up encountering it reading, so I was always very confident in my “incorrect” answer. >>


I think I saw it as こんにちは the other day in Flying Witch

As with everything Japanese, of course an exception would rear its head!

I mostly encounter kanji versions of words commonly in kana when a creator wants to save space to fit a whole sentence in a speech bubble or text box.

But on the whole, my exposure is still negligible, so it may well be more common than it feels to me.


ah, so that’s the kanji of konnichiwa, then. i’ve never seen it like that before.

i wonder whether it’s the wkstats side that’s wrong or the wanikani api is just still sending them outdated info now?

Stats site

They removed 大いに?

There are two different versions of wkstats. The old version is using an outdated version of the API which doesn’t contain information like this, so it doesn’t reflect changes to WK’s content. The new version (wkstats) uses the V2 api which does make this information available, so wkstats v2 automatically updates to take into account the latest content changes on WK. There’s really no reason to use the v1 wkstats at this point, and it’s going to stop working in a couple months anyway.

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