This is what Wkstats looks like if you joined Wanikani in 2013, progressed 9 levels, and then didn't touch it again for 8 years

To be fair, a more accurate title would be “This is what Wkstats looks like if you joined Wanikani in 2013, progressed 10 levels, reset to 9 in 2018, didn’t touch it again until 2021, and then level up to 11” but the title is already confusing and long enough.

Wanikani has seen some content shuffling and adding new content over the years. This meant that not only did I have a lot of holes in my levels that I needed to fill (I wish I had taken a screenshot of that, but I didn’t) but also some of the radicals, vocabulary and kanji that I learned before are now at a much higher level than I am now!

Take a look.

I don’t have a question or a point. I just think it is neat and wanted to share.

As a bonus, here’s my level progress from Wkstats.


Wow, that’s interesting :thinking:, thanks for sharing!!

Also, does this mean that you’re gonna get back to it?? If so, are you aiming for level 60 or just durtling the scenic route??

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Yes! I just made a re-introduction thread and everything!

My Japanese is conversational and I passed N3 a few years ago, but my kanji recognition is absolutely terrible. For my current lessons 90% of the vocabulary are words I know very well, I just don’t know the kanji.

I want to go to level 60 and beyond! As for whether I’ll hurdle or durtle my way there, I’m not too sure yet. We’ll see how it goes.


Ooooo! Good luck!!!

At this rate, it would be cheaper to just get lifetime subscription, man.

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Surprisingly, this is only just barely true.

Two reasons: I’ve only been subscribed 76% of the last eight years, and I have a lifetime half off discount due to having been a TextFugu lifetime member back in the day.

Therefore despite having bought three yearly subscriptions plus 35 monthly subscription payments, my total payout to WaniKani so far is merely $310.25.

There’s a part of me that thinks, “Well, maybe you should go ahead and go for that lifetime subscription now,” but since I can get yearly subscriptions for $45 with the discount, it would take me six and a half years before it started to pay off.

I might upgrade from monthly to yearly after my next paycheck.


I got lifetime once I was level 60, and had already been using Wanikani for 3 years ! lol. I thought of it as more of a tip :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken, people who get lifetime subscription after reaching level 60 gets a special discount?

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That’s right ! There is a discount. I think I paid something like $60 dollars - but it feels like a while ago now, I had almost forgotten. :crazy_face: