Try to get back sense into the WK developers - listen to your customers movement

Dear All, I am deeply frustrated how the “development team” handled the update and did not show any willingness to bring back summary pages (“…working on it…”) and now removed the stats options provided by users also. This is not a cheap app (monetary wise) and I hate that basic teaching rules (feedback!) are no more followed and functions for which I paid removed. I have a lifetime sentence with WK so no power in withdrawing, which I would otherwise do. I guess it is hopless anyway to try to get things changed and the team to listen. Perhaps if more people complain? If we share our thoughts on review pages? Ask for a refund? At least I think we should voice our continuing complaints.


Honestly what is this sumary page everyone talks about? Is it the main page? About stats I always checked third party ones like this

otherwise, the scripts are getting fixed and the main ones I have like anki are working fine. Are there other scripts still not working?

I was away for all the big fuss, though I’ve managed to read through the important threads, I think. I feel a little like what’s happening is that the new development team are dealing with the kludged-together mess that Koichi and Viet and Hachi left them. A decade or more of “oh, we need a new feature? I think there’s a space here where we can balance it if we’re careful”. They’re getting rid of the stuff that was broken, or was about to break, or was breaking something else. Once all that’s dealt with, they can rebuild it. They have the technology. Better, stronger, faster.

And unfortunately, it’s not really possible to institute the better stuff while the old stuff is still in the way.

Page that popped up at the end of every review saying “In the review you just finished, you got X radicals, kanji, vocab right, you got Y radicals, kanji, vocab wrong. Here’s a list of them:”


Thanks, I see now.

Actually since I use flaming durtles it still appears normally for me at the end of the review session.

Also I didnt know that some key people from the team left. That’s a bummer.


Hachi left a long time ago. Pretty sure Viet left, but he has occasionally popped up sometime when I least expected it. Koichi is, in theory, still around, but noone in the forum has heard from him since the time he was set on fire by a durtle.


It looks like the “History” page on Nihongo Stats was partly broken by the most recent change: Most of the History Summary is missing and I don’t get Review History at all.


Make sure that your post is under the feedback category.


Were Hachi and Viet spirited away by the crabigator?

I need some elaboration on that. Please.

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have you seen this?


What if… Tightens tinfoil hat …the community summary got axed so people wouldn’t see that people don’t like the updates. What if… Wraps more tinfoil around head …forums will get axed next?

  1. Highly used and appreciated feature gets removed.
  2. Users broadly complain.
  3. Management sells them the usual corpo-speak “evaluating options/looking for alternatives etc”.
  4. Users continue to complain and some find a workaround to bring the feature back themselves (rev summary on dashboard script).
  5. Workaround gets axed.
  6. Riot We have a nice chat about the mysteries of the universe.

Well, as long as the workaround to a workaround works, I’m cool. Unless they somehow find a way to axe local tracking xd


They refuse to add basic functionalities and rely too much on unpaid developers creating userscripts. These scripts use the API. And the more people access the API, the slower it gets. It even affected the main app’s performance. So they have to return zero results on API queries on reviews now.


The frustrating thing is like. As an software engineer myself (because I know people will complain if I don’t: MANGA with 10+yrs exp). Like… wtf? APIs do cost money, throttle them- I dunno why the web has acted like they forgot what throttling was. Don’t have time to implement a throttle before things go critical, at least say that and that it might come back. (edit: it’s db structure; will leave to DBAs to rant) As far as I’m concerned I never know what the state of the app is going to be when I come back to it. They’re doing this to “preserve the app”. Well now it tells me the answers because you don’t prerender things and decide that people with disabilities using a screen reader shouldn’t be able to use the app (because they’re just going to have the answer read aloud to them). Now I can’t access my streak count which was motivation. I can’t see the number of reviews I’ve done and make sure I’m not burning myself out. I have to remember to keep an eye on my % correct because they removed the summary page (not that upset about that, but come on). blagggggghhhh. I just hope they don’t decide to start banning people that are unhappy…

edit: oh yeah and breaking synonyms; like no testing going into the releases…

edit2: okay to be fare Scott does say they’re evaluating how/if they can continue to offer it:

“Because of these issues, we’ve decided to return an empty dataset from the Get All Reviews endpoint while we evaluate our options and next steps.”

to that extent it’s on us to make sure this gets prioritized then :slight_smile: but again agggggghhhh wish they took care of the tech debt before reaching critical mass.


You forgot step 8 where they add the feature back as a part of a ‘plus’ subscription. Get ready for…

WaniKani Plus™

Do you miss the review summary page? Do you wish you could freeze your streak when you get busy? Well now you can, with WaniKani Plus™!

This exciting new premium tier to our membership system gives you access to some of our most cutting edge features!

Features included in WaniKani Plus™:

  • Review summary page
  • Streak freeze
  • Infinite lives on reviews
  • Ad free
  • Custom level badge color on the forums
  • Unlimited API access
  • Double Wani Tokens™ from reviews and lessons

In addition, new kanji lessons cost only 80% of the Wani Tokens™ that non-Wanikani Plus™ users pay.

All this available today for only $28.99 a month, or $280 a year!

2 WaniKani Tokens to anyone who gets who hoot I’m making a dig at


Began using Userscripts post-update, so I can’t complaint. Through I somewhat miss the summary page and the timeout (because it kept me on my toes). Btw. I don’t see a problem with statistics at

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Shhhh!! don’t say it out loud, it can rotate its’ head over 200° in any direction.


I think he has his hands full trying to fit his name in every example sentence left in WK


Yup I miss the summary & timeouts too. Now when doing reviews I tell myself “Reviews only, focus; no doing other tasks, checking other websites.” Hopefully this all gets fixed.

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Never knew about this. Oh my, poor Koichi.

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