What happened to WK Stats?

As the title implies, what happened to the website wkstats.com? I checked a few weeks ago only to see that the UI had completely changed and became simpler? Where did the bar graph at the bottom with all the level times go? Where did the level list go, the level-up date prediction and everything else go? And when you click “projections” under the drop-down menu, it says that the page is still under construction? I’m really confused as to what happened, can anyone explain or tell me what happened to this great website that got many of its features removed?

That’s the new version that works on API 2.0, @rfindley is working on it, but it just takes time. The previous version was using API 1.0, but that old API was removed from Wanikani.


Oh, that makes sense. So we just gotta wait until the WK stats that worked with API 1 is modded to work with API 2 or the current one is updated until it’s the same as the old one if not better. Thanks for the help!

@rfindley is the creator of both. I don’t think the old WKstats is coming back. But as far as I now after all the “under construction” elements are ready there are plans to make the new site resemble the old one.


Still showing under construction when I visit projection page in wkstats. Is there an estimated date or anything?

WaniKani has made a lot of changes to the API that may make the wkstats site impossible, unfortunately.

The page author is overwhelmed with work IRL. He never find the spare time required to complete the work.

I don’t know about the impact of API changes but it is plausible that some of them will interfere with the evolution of wkstats,

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As @prouleau said, the author currently has way to much work to finish the projections page. However, if you’re ok with using userscripts, you can use the wkstats projections page script, which essentially does what it says: It makes the projections.

Here’s what it looks like: