What WaniKani level covers all the N2 kanji?

Just wondering, by what level is all the N2 kanji covered? (or at least enough that you have a very realistic shot at passing). Would certainly be a nice and useful certification to have!

Edit: Just found a list of 100 of the most common N2 kanji and knew literally all of them (https://jlptsensei.com/jlpt-n2-kanji-list/). Wow! Maybe I have a pretty good shot at passing. Apparently there’s around 1000 kanji you need to know for it and I know at least over 1200 by this point. Would still love to learn the exact WaniKani to N2 correlation if anyone knows.


Hi @EigaKantoku!

100% are covered by level 51, but 90% of them are covered by level 44 already :blush: (edited because I got muddled between N3 and N2, sorry!)


This website gives you all those deets and more! If you find your API key on your WK profile, you can enter it in this site and it will tell you how many of the kanji you have learned for each N level.


Perfect! Yeah, it sounds like I’d have a pretty good chance if I took the test sometime next year. Really appreciate your helpful reply!

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Oops I read from the N3 column instead of N2, but I’ve edited my reply now so it’s correct. Yess you’ll definitely have a great shot at it by then :grin::star2:

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