Question about JLPT kanji

Does Wani Kani follow JLPT kanji? So if I complete level 10 I’d be good to go with JLPT 4? Just wondering because I’m planning on taking the JLPT next year or the year after if they open it up.



The correspondence between WK levels and JLPT is given at

Just use this submenu:



Don’t forget to study grammar and vocab too, wanikani can only get you so far.


I am studying genki 1 and am between chapters 8 and 9 with my teacher right now. I’m also going to be taking a language class with my university in the summer. So hopefully I’ll improve a lot!!


Good luck with N4! :grin: :heart: you’ll probably need to be about level 15 to pass N4 kanji-wise (Someone already posted the stats so I won’t add much other than that…)


Note that there are only 3 more JLPT 4-Kanji between levels 18 and 27. If time is important, consider simply learning these on the side (from a JLPT kanji list).

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Also, note that there is no official kanji list for JLPT exams so there’s no guarantee that you will know every single kanji you encounter on the test, even though you could have N4 covered 100% on wkstats at that time. Still, I think it serves well as a guideline.


Thanks all! This is really helpful. I’m not really in a huge hurry to test. The pandemic has made it a bit hit and miss as to when they will open up again and the nearest testing center is pretty far from where I live. I’m starting college in May and will be taking Japanese classes there, so in addition to the lessons I am currently taking and wanikani I’m confident I can at least scrape JLPT 4 by next December. I’m already about N5 level and have been reading N5 level books and can answer all the questions (I got one question wrong in the book so I was pretty pleased).

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