JLPT N2 and Wanikani Level

I am going to take JLPT on December 6, and so far I am on the 14th level in Wanikani. I believe it covers some of the JLPT 2 kanji so far, but I am wondering what is the estimated level that covers JLPT N2.

Thanks for your answers.
(I hope I made my point, sorry about my bad English)

All of N2 will be covered by level 51, I believe.

If you log in on www.wkstats.com you can see a chart that shows what percentage you have covered so far.

Good luck on your test!

Btw, there is nothing bad about your English. :smiley:


My chart doesn’t work.


The chart only works for paid accounts, and it looks like you’re on a free one right now. Here’s a screenshot of a working chart :slight_smile:


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