Levels that cover N2

Till what levels one need to learn to cover N2 Kanji?

If you go to the wkstats.com site, you can move the little level icon toward 60 and see the bar chart that displays how many kanji of each JLPT level have been covered.

WK isn’t set up on a JLPT pace, so it’s not all one level at a time.



The stats site can make things seem a bit more intimidating than they are. I passed N2 before hitting level 40 and had no problems with kanji. Conceivably, it could have tested me on some that WK hadn’t covered yet, but 1) the odds were low, and 2) I just made sure I studied ones I hadn’t hit on WK yet with Sou Matome’s N2 kanji book prior to the test, since there weren’t too many. (Those books also don’t have an exact list, since no one really knows what each test will cover, but if you’re in the upper 30s on WK and take a spin through a resource like that for likely kanji you haven’t hit yet, you can rest pretty easy on that aspect.)

Chances are that by the time you’re above level 35 on WK, if you’ve been keeping up with things like grammar and reading well enough to have a shot at passing N2, kanji shouldn’t be a significant hurdle for you. Even ones you haven’t formally drilled on this site will probably be fairly familiar through outside reading or vocab study.


Which Key should be used for the access. It’s not taking the API key

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Actually I am N3 certified and have finished only level 9 until now… I am new to wanikani…

That’s why I’m saying there’s no magic number. The stats site will tell you you need to hit ___ pretty-high-level to have learned 95 percent of the kanji covered by each test, but in actuality you can be comfortable at much lower levels depending on your study. And even if you were at, like, 80 percent or something, that’s pretty comfortable.

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Your API key should be what you need to enter, but that stats site has been superceded by this one, and I remember the creator writing that they were no longer managing the old site, so maybe it only works for us older users(?). The new site has a chart rather than a list with toggle bar, but the info is still there.

The old site doesn’t work with API V2, but it works fine for me with V1.


Thanks Rowena… I am able to access that site

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Way too late but by the time you’re level 48, you’d know 95% of N2’s kanji. 4 more levels and you’d hit 100% (and you’d be 57.63% with N1).

The new WK stats site -> items -> JLPT. Any N2 kanji you haven’t done yet will be in grey.

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I passed N2 this summer (118 points) and was only WK level 26, but I had a hard time with the Kanji part.


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