Is there a way to chose the items in the next lessons?

Hello !

I’m currently level 6, but I haven’t finished to learn the vocabulary from level 5 and my new lessons already propose me to learn the radicals from level 6. However, I’d like to learn my vocabulary before the next radicals. Is there a way to do this ? :smiley:


When you’re on WaniKani (not here in the forums), hit your icon in the top-right corner, then Settings > App. Scroll to the bottom and set “Review ordering” to “Lower levels first”.


Thank you SO MUCH.
(by the way, I didn’t know the existence of these settings, so it’s a whole new world I’m discovering thank to you ! :slight_smile: )


What @Belthazar mentioned is for reviews not lessons. There’s no builtin way to change lesson ordering itself, but default behaviour should prioritize lessons from previous levels before having you do the new material. (It’s actually something most don’t like, since it makes you slog through the vocab before you get to radicals)

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Yes there is, it’s the setting immediately above. And since, as you observed, it’s set by default to lower levels first, OP’s mention of getting radicals in the lessons means they’ve done their vocab lessons and just need to get them to show up in reviews.


Ok, I misspoke somewhat, you can’t change it in the way they wanted, you can either make it based on level and then either shuffled or in order, or fully shuffled, neither is the ideal method here for this.

I’m not sure about your assumption, @macalys needs to elaborate on this, but what I assumed is happening here, is that they already have the lessons for the vocab inbetween kanji and radicals done, but maybe they think that the vocab from the next level is from an earlier one? Or maybe they have a few unfinished kanji still there?

It’s still in soft launch mode, not a script but an official wanikani lesson picker page.
Works great for me.


I assume OP want to do Lessons of Level 5 vocab first. But it’s in the same place.

(Or, Ascending level then shuffled)

Also, there would be very few Level 6 immediately after level up, anyway. Most vocabularies in queue should be from latest Guru’d Kanji, that is, Level 5 vocab.


Thank you for all your answers !
In particular, I’ll try your lesson picker page, @2tea :slight_smile:

I thought that I hadn’t finished my vocabulary lessons from level 5, but I checked today and they’re all done :partying_face:
I’m guess I’m an officially level 6 now, and with the right settings and tool ^^