Does Wanikani put old lessons before new lessons?

If I wait until I master new Kanji before doing older vocab, do the new vocab lessons come before the old lessons in terms of order? I’m trying to take it a little slow so I don’t get overwhelmed by new lessons.

By default, the lessons are given from lowest level to highest level, and within a level it goes radicals, kanji, vocab. So for example:

  • Level 6 radicals
  • Level 6 kanij
  • Level 6 vocab
  • Level 7 radicals
  • Level 7 kanij
  • Level 7 vocab

You can change this in your WaniKani settings so that it’s only by level (e.g. level 6 items come before level 7 items, but with no regard to lesson type) or you can even make them come in randomly (they still have to be unlocked of course). It’s really a matter of personal preference. I imagine most people just use the default order, and then probably a large (and vocal) minority use scripts to greatly customize the order.

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I want everything done lowest level first so I don’t miss anything and have to do like fifty lessons at once.

Oh you will, on level up. But don’t be afraid of the number and do them at.your own rhythm.

You should be good with the default settings then. I’d just recommend doing a consistent number of lessons every day and ignoring the total number that WaniKani says are available. Just because you have 100 lessons available doesn’t mean you have to do all 100 at once. If 10 lessons per day works for you, just do that every day. (Just gave random numbers for examples.)