What music do you listen to while doing Wanikani?

Recently I’ve started listening to jazz while doing my reviews and lessons. Back then I’d listen to Joe Hisaishi’s works but it started getting too repetitive after so much Wanikani sessions :smiley: So far instrumentals work well for me, so how about you guys?


usually just a mix of random songs on a playlist or sometimes just more “chill” instrumental music.
I used to listen to this a lot when studying, it is very relaxing for me.


Anything in my liked on Spotify. I enjoy all types of music :slight_smile: but mostly it’s full of jpop, kpop, and lofi


I don’t listen to anything usually. I try to focus on a singularly on reviews for about 30 minutes and then stop.


I’ve only just started recently, but some of my go-to listens-while-doing-WK include:

(edited because I have no idea how to embed a video, lol. oh well.)


usually “selected ambient works 85-92” by apex twin. I can’t do my reviews while listening to music with lyrics, especially English ones since I’m unable to focus on proper translation :sweat_smile:


As for music, I usually turn on my youtube playlist of long, calm, instrumental music compilations.
It usually contains anything from video game OSTs to chillhop to Japanese citypop to anything I enjoy really.

I also listen to podcasts (mostly McElroy family of products), which also slows down my review speed a little, but it helps me stay focused and not let my mind wander as much.


When I actively did WK I most often listened to Depeche Mode’s album Ultra, and the “for the heart” half of the Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael double album.


So if you were to listen to that album in ten years, you’d unlock a treasure of Japanese knowledge long forgotten?


Well, I probably associate the intro to Jesus to a Child with doing WK at any rate! Probably not with any specific words though…

I still listen to Ultra a lot, so that one’s probably not affected :slight_smile: (I listened to it today while doing hanzi reviews in my WK ripoff WK inspired Chinese Anki deck this morning, and also while working!)

I would hope that the point is moot though, because I expect to keep improving over the next ten years as well, so I’ll hopefully know most of the WK words anyway… :sweat_smile:


I have a playlist that I listen to every day and it consists of 98% Sakamoto Maaya, a little bit of angela, some old Slayer and Sepultura.

If my local JRiver playlist isn’t available, I also use YouTube Music and stream… Maaya-chan from there instead…

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I don’t listen to music while doing Wanikani. It shifts my focus to the music. In fact, any noise is going to distract me so silence is the best.


No music for me either. If my surroundings get too loud, even with active noise-cancelling, I add very quiet white noise.


This on loop :point_up:

I once listened through the whole thing twice in one session, DO NOT ATTEMPT!

I’ll show myself out.


In my opinion you should not. just focus on wk… maybe it is personal to me but music deconcenters me


i prefer silent sessions but if i am in a good mood,

I can’t listen to music when doing lessons, but I do listen to music while doing reviews. If I mess up too much then it means i’m not in the zone and i’ll usually turn it off though.


I prefer silence, except when I’m at work. In that case, I put my IEMs in and blast solfeggio frequency music to drown out the chattering of my coworkers.

right now…

haha for the nostalgia I guess, but usually I listen to all types of music


I listen to just a ton of different Japanese artists. A lot of times I use it to also dig for songs to play on my radio show.

Maison Book Girl is this sorta perfect group for me for a lot of reasons, including because I feel like I can study well to them.