Do you have any kind of "studying music"?

I know this might sound like a weird question, but recently I’ve been experimenting with listening to different types of music while I’m doing reviews to see if I do any better or worse and how quickly they go. I found things with lyrics in Japanese would mess me up because I started typing what I heard, and same with things in English. Most recently what seems to work best for me is Lobotomy Corporation Warning Themes, is this a thing for anyone else? if so, what kind of thing do you listen to?


I often listen to Japanese music even when doing reviews. Usually it doesn’t bother me since I’m not really focusing on the lyrics, but every once in a while my mind gets overwhelmed and I turn it off. Other than Japanese music I either listen to video game music, classical music, or just do reviews in silence. Just depends on my mood.

By the way, I opened the YouTube video you linked to and I’d never be able to concentrate on reviews with something like that. :laughing:


I use a site called, it helps me focus and keeps background noise from bothering me.

I clearly couldn’t recommend it for everyone, but after listing to all kind of music, the one that work best by far for me while doing review (and working) is Psytrance, really helps me staying focused. Then again, not for everyone.

I like to listen to lo-fi music. Theres this artist called Kijugo that makes anime openings into lo-fi and I it helps me focus. Or anything really by Yuki Hayashi (made songs for Haikyuu and Running with the wind)

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Love this thread, I’m enjoying checking out everyone’s recommendations! Personal favourite for studying/writing is State Azure. Lofi and ambient, just enough texture to keep my brain engaged.

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I like this: because I already know most of the songs, so they’re just nice background noise.

Edit: Oh no, the song you posted is cool, but it’s like what I would listen to when I need to get hype. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy


Very rarely I tune into

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I used to always listen to this Rhythm Heaven minigame on loop while doing my reviews. I’d usually start typing to the beat, not sure if that actually helped or hurt:

Haven’t done that in a while though, I got kind of sick of it lol. Usually just do my reviews in silence now.

I also often listen to anime or game soundtracks while studying. Also, I second the Hayashi Yuuki, he’s one of my favorite soundtrack artists. But also it depends on how I’m studying. If I’m doing it on my phone with something that needs sound, then I’ll play something in my library on my laptop: for the past 9 months or so, it’s been the 2.43 soundtrack. If not, then it’ll either be that or whatever I’m listening to on my phone, sometimes with English lyrics, sometimes with Japanese lyrics, sometimes with none. If it gets distracting, I’ll switch so something else: either Heaven’s Prayer off the DQIX soundtrack on repeat, or find some Hayashi Yuuki stuff on Spotify.

I’ll litsen to anything to study to
excpept for country

I typically listen to any music that I’m in the mood for. No specific genre. If I’m in a chill, slow mood, Lo-Fi is what I aim towards. But typically I like listening to J-Pop and J-Rock if I’m feeling more upbeat (Eve and Kenshi Yonezu are my common go to’s). I still have some Western artists I listen to, but not to the same extent.

TL;DR all music I listen to is used for studying :slight_smile:

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I mostly listen to ambient and experimental instrumentals while studying.

For some reason, Japan produces quite a lot of this type of music, there’s even a Spotify-made playlist called Postcards from Japan.

Every once and a while I will put on some melodic death metal, but only when doing reviews. Something about the fast beat and complex instrumentals helps me ‘sync’ with the reviews.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying breakcore quite a bit when focusing on studies/work/drifting off to sleep:

Something about the drums is just mesmerising to me and really puts me in the zone, but I understand it’s a bit out there and might not be for everyone.

current favorite songs:
Enemy (Imagine Dragons/JID)
RISE (Multiple artists including Glitch Mob)
Insane (Black Griff0n and Baasik)
Blood // Water (Grandson)
Kids With Guns (Gorillaz)
Addict (clean) (Silva hound and others)

One of my favorite bands is MONO, and I think they fit under this experimental instrumentals category in lots of their music.

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I’m usually listening to City Pop like Anri while doing my reviews lol. If not City Pop, then it’s usually my other favorite genres like R&B, reggae, oldies like The Beatles, etc.

Personally, I love to listen to Ichiko Aoba when I am doing reviews or lessons. I don’t like to listen to music that has a lot going on because I find that it can be distracting, especially when trying to memorize the kanji.
Ichiko Aoba’s music is quite calm and mostly acoustic. She sings in Japanese and has sort of a lofi and ambient vibe to her music too. If you are trying to listen to music in Japanese and also music that won’t distract you too much while studying, then I would totally recommend checking her out!

Here is one song I would recommend if you’re interested
Sleep Among Endives by Ichiko Aoba


Based on the posts so far it seems I’m a little different then most other people. My MO is to get rid of as many sounds as possible when doing reviews, even putting on headphones without sounds. I like to try to recognize the words/kanji from spoken language in series (anime/VN/mahjong broadcasts/comedy). It helps me tremendously in remembering.

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