What do you listen to while you do your reviews?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that throws on some music when they’ve got a big pile of reviews to work through. Personally, I’ve been on a kick with these videos of bus rides in japan with Lofi Hip Hop going in the background. Great to throw up on Monitor #2 and get a flow going.

How about you? What do you listen to?


My own tears


My own hands getting crushed physical and emotionally.


Nothing at all. I like to hear keyboard chattering. It is motivational.


My one and only genre for any type of studying has and will always been math rock. Here is an example for anyone not familiar. :smiley:


Math rock is a good one for sure! Especially the Japanese bands like toe and tricot

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I sorta listen to whatever though. I’ve been on a metal kick lately, so usually something along those lines. The new Rolo Tomassi álbum is one of my big favs from this year.

When I’m studying/typing/writing essays/making class prep/working out/doing basically anything in life, I find video game soundtracks are the best to listen to. The blend of high-tension tracks, pulse-raising boss-fight tracks, more melodic chilled tracks… and there are no lyrics to distract me! Perfect.

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Reviews are the one thing I kill any white noise (music, videos, streams, etc.) for.

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If you want something that isn’t a video game soundtrack that would give a similar experience, try the album Hurtbreak Wonderland by World’s End Girlfriend!

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Right now I’m listening to my Animenz playlist.

First this.

And now this.


I can’t review with noise in the background at all. I’ll get sounds confused and start answering wrong. One might, at first, think it’s the lyrics, but I can’t even review it to classical or anything with a melody because I played flute for yeeeears and my fingers will start moving like they’re trying to figure out the song. :frowning:


non-lyrical jammy beats.

Nothing. I listen to music at almost all times (usually classical piano or soundtracks from games or shows), but my accuracy on WK has definitely gone up since ditching the music. Unsurprisingly, multitasking isn’t super great for your efficacy on any single task.

PS. this is what I’m listening to right now: Hamelin plays Schubert/Liszt - Ständchen Audio + Sheet music - YouTube

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Lessons, though? Death metal.

Surely you should be listening to the audio of the pronunciation of the readings?? It helps a lot in remembering them.


I often listen to an upbeat symphony which turns out to be confusion, disappointment and frustration after getting something wrong :durtle_durverted_lvl2::angryviet::baka::high_touch::baka:


This reminds me of the time a friend of mine said she was pressing Ctrl + S (you know this saves life as a college student in case of power outage). The thing is, the exam wasn’t on a computer

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Classical music, instrumental video game soundtracks, or synthwave, usually. No music with lyrics. I haven’t found that playing music in the background negatively affects my reviews or lessons, but I got used to studying with some background music in high school and college.

What’s the worst is trying to do reviews or lessons when I’m in a place with people talking. It’s frustrating, trying to block that noise out.