Wanikani Study Music

What kind of music do people listen to when studying. Recently, I found this awesome violin music collection on youtube. If You Need The Most Awesome Violin Music, Hear This • "FORGOTTEN ODES" by@Eternal Eclipse - YouTube

I also like to listen to music from Nier Automata.


I usually don’t listen to music since I’d always find myself focusing on the music instead of the actual studying >_<
but maybe that’s just a me thing


i usually listen to some vocaloid and music from the bang dream! franchise, sometimes to see if i can catch any words or phrases that i’m learning.


I also like to listen to the Nier Automata ost. :smiley:

But recently I’ve been listening to Takayan’s music while I study. https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaIgaguri

I usually double it up as time to dig through a lot of music for my radio show, so it’s not always peaceful or soothing, but its all in Japanese so I figure it’s still beneficial.

Maison Book Girl is a really good group for it though, they are generally not too over-the-top, and they play with time signatures and have a slight avant garde edge that stimulates the brain in a healthy way (statement not backed by any kind of science).

I literally play this video every time.

Music for concentration. Because if literally anything happens in the music I will be distracted but if there isn’t any music I will distract myself. :partying_face:


chilledcow got me into lofi hip hop in 2011 and I’ve found this to be a good Japanese variant.


At the moment I really like to listen to Chopin’s Nocturnes while studying:

In the video are all of them.


For the reviews I feel anything goes. I adjust music choice to my current mood.

For the lessons I tend to go for ambience sounds rather than music, or some no-vocals music can also work.

For music, I like stuff like Abyssal Plains when studying:

I know this video is for cats. But some cats rather study Japanese than catch birds alright! :wink:

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You beat me to the punch!

I either listen to Chopin’s nocturnes, or Aphex Twin


That sounds really nice. It is definitely the sort of thing I enjoy. I usually go for something a little more upbeat when I am studying though.

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I really enjoyed the cat tv. I think I will try to show this to my moms cat.

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I’m not that familiar with lofi but I enjoyed listening to this video for the last hour. What makes it different from regular lofi?

I would assume this is specifically from Japanese artists. Regular lofi music is by artists from all over the world.

There’s also this chill playlist:

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