What is your average score? Does it affect your mood?

Greetings fellow Crabigator Disciples,

I’m wondering what everyone’s average score is when they do their reviews?

I find myself with 130+ reviews a day and my average score is about 65-75%

Suppose it’s not terrible, but it still kind’ve bums me out. But I understand that’s what practice is all about.

So how about you? How does your low or high score effect your mood?

250 reviews a day, though with going at max speed and plenty of lower apprentices it might be more. My accuracy is about 90% vocab, 94% Kanji, and 97% radicals.

The high amount of reviews can be tiresome at times. I think I have like 380 reviews planned for today if you include HouHou, but I have to do it if I want to know Japanese as fast as I can so 仕方がない :man_shrugging:.

My motivation is just that, pure motivation to learn Japanese for anime and other like media.


Thank you for your reply. How many hours does that usually take you to do a day on average? and do you space it out or just do it all at once?

About an hour at once to take care of the stuff from sleeping. Then about an hour throughout the day taking care of whatever shows up. I usually take a break in between that initial hour, because doing more than a hundred reviews all at once tends to tire me out.


I’m getting around 90% accuracy with about 100-150 reviews per day.
Getting less than 90% bums me out tbh…


Hello, have you heard the good news? The Large Durtle in the sky is watching over you. :crazy_face:

It certainly bums me out when my average is lower than I’d like it to be but that’s why we have to trust the SRS system and maybe do a bit more studying outside of Wanikani? I’ve been meaning to get started with @Leebo’s recommendation on the Iversen Method but life gets in the way so I use @rfindley’s Self-Study Script and Wanikani Ultimate Timeline instead. It has helped me keep my average in the 90ish% range.

Take it easy and don’t get so worked up. The goal is to burn turtles, not burn ourselves out. Good luck and may the Crabigator be with you! :sparkles:


Hello fellow disciple! Do you also know about our lord and savior Durtle in the sky?

Hmm my averages are usually in the 90-100% range (I’ve been getting about 300+ reviews a day lately, it used to usually be about 150-200)

Though I do have some sessions where I just can’t think and will have much lower percentages, it happens!

Don’t put yourself down about your percentages though, you’re practicing and moving forward and that’s what really matters — do you read Japanese outside of WaniKani? By reading simple articles or even just studying grammar and reading example sentences, you can reinforce the kanji and become more efficient and accurate in your reviews

WaniKani shouldn’t be the only source for reading kanji, once you feel more comfortable you can read things in the wild and reinforce it that way, I think you’d see a significant improvement and confidence boost by doing so ^^

Good luck and keep pushing forward! 頑張ってね :+1::sparkles:


I find that right after I learn a whole bunch of new vocabulary, I get around 60%. And then right before I reach the next level, I’m getting around 90% So it really fluctuates depending on how new the vocabulary is to me.

The 60% days suck, but for me it really is encouraging to see how much improvement there is in 1-2 weeks. Also when I read passages and articles in textbooks now it amazes me how much I can read!


More like my mood effects my score


This is so true. Sleep also plays a vital role in how well my reviews go.


Thank you for the inspiration!

Didn’t know of these scripts and methods, but they look super helpful. I’m going to install the Self-Study script right now.

Yea, you’re right, I think I just need to start reinforcing my studies outside of the usual one or so hours a day that I spend on Wanikani. Especially with different methods.

Thanks again and may the good Durtle bless us all!



Yea, this is very true! Just being able to recognize all the Kanji, even up to this point, is a remarkable feeling. That should be enough motivation in itself to know that we’re all doing good and making progress.

Also, I just wrote this the day after I did 45 new lessons, so I think that played a big role in my bummed out mood today when I did my morning reviews, haha.

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You’re most welcome! :sparkles:

I forgot to mention @hitechbunny’s Leech Training Script! You can also head over to the API and Third Party Apps side of the forum and peek into The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List for more study hacks.


Thank you, fellow Disciple! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

You’re definitely right. Every step, is a step forward.

I think what you said is the key. Reinforcement outside of WaniKani.

I have some Japanese culture magazines that I try to read but I think they might be a little too complicated. I really like the idea of beginning to read simple articles though. Do you have recommendations or websites in mind that helped you at an earlier level?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I usually get around 85% but im happier when I get 90 or above. I sometimes do worse if Im rushing reviews or have to do them while tired. It shouldn’t bum me out because if i dont know it I just get more opportunities to learn it so I don’t think accuraccy is important at all. But Im only human so it does bum me out

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Hmm my first go at easy articles was with NHK News Easy, the site simplifies actual news articles in Japan and is meant for Japanese middle school students and language learners — it’s definitely a great way to start getting used to the structure of Japanese and there’s plenty of furigana to help you, so depending on your grammar knowledge you might be able to take a look at those :thinking:

But if you consider yourself more of a true beginner, it still might be a little too challenging, I think I started looking at those in the 15-20 level range here on WK

You could also check out the free articles on satorireader.com, you can sync your WK level with the site to only display kanji you know and toggle furigana and they break down every single vocab and grammar point for you

If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend starting to study grammar (I wish I had myself started a lot sooner when I started learning Japanese), there are plenty of example sentences and additional vocab lists that can give you some practice. And of course, reading the example sentences for vocab lessons here on WK is extra practice too!

For grammar, there’s always Genki textbooks for formal study, and you can also check out bunpro.jp to check out online resources for learning grammar points broken down by JLPT level

Oh! And Yotsubato is a fantastic beginner manga, so if you feel comfortable enough to tackle that, I thought it was a very amusing read ^^

It can be hard to find things suited for your level when you’re just starting out, a lot of things will seem over your head and overwhelming, but even just learning one new thing a day will get you closer to your goals! Find something enjoyable to you and make it work for you =)


To add to what everybody says, a question! Do you do all your lessons in one go? Because personally I found that I can’t manage that and still keep a high enough accuracy, so I end up doing 3 lessons every few hours every day.


I do all radicals immediately when I level up, then do 20 Kanji/30 vocabs every day.
If I think that I can do more, I’ll do those, but I try to never drop below those thresholds if there still are new lessons to do of course.

You only need to know 90% of all the Kanji of the current level to level up, so you should bring all radicals into Guru so you can do the lessons for all the Kanji.
Just do all the Kanji lessons as soon as possible, the vocabs aren’t that important.

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310 reviews on average, about 55% average, I feel ehhhh

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Assuming the OP wants to level up as fast as possible regardless of their accuracy percentage (if that’s indeed what causes it to be low).

The problem is that if you’re not solid on what you learn, you’ll be swamped with leeches. It’s not so bad in level 8, but roundabout the time you start burning items it’s critical to keep them low, otherwise you can easily end up with over ~300 reviews a day, which most people feel is unsustainable.