What is the function of わけ? "信じるわけねーだろが"

I encountered this sentence in Persona 4 Golden: 信じるわけねーだろが
信じる is easy enough, but わけ seems to make the verb negative?
Also what does だろが mean; is it だろう + が(conjunction)?
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

The negative is coming from ねー, which is a colloquial version of ない.

The textbook version of it would be 信じるわけがない.

It’s hard to translate this わけ literally, but [verb]わけがない is basically like “There’s no way [someone] would [verb]”


That clears it up, thanks!
So 訳 is putting a verb into a theoretical situation I guess :thinking:

わけ means “reason” which you might have learned in WaniKani already.
As a more literal translation, “〇〇わけがない” means “A reason for doing 〇〇 does not exist” which leads to the less literal but more useful translation that Leebo mentioned above.