What is everybody's longest review time period?

okay so I just did a review for almost 3 hours, it was 700 items and my brain is still dead as I was typing this, I was really inactive for like 1 month or smthn and really doesn’t have the やる気 to do reviews and study Japanese in general and I really have regret that. So as a punishment, I tortured myself to answering 700 item reviews, I started from 11:20 AM until 12:50 PM (I think(i can’t count and think right now my brain is still dead)). Normally if I have this many, I’ll probably do 200 in one sitting but nope, I feel horrible 'cuz I’m 14 and my mom pays the subscription thingy for me and I don’t use it wisely when we broke af already ;w;

After that I never felt so achieve since I’m always a lazy ass always, and I’m just wondering if people actually does this many reviews sometimes? Mostly not cuz I guess you all do it everyday unlike me, a lazy ass ;w;, But still… I really want to know,

here’s the pic, I did horriblsince I was on hiatus. I normally would get 85-75% (It was 72% btw, it was cut, sorry for that) STILL, I’m proud, it was tiring mentally and physically…

I really don’t know if this is necessary for a topic or sht. This is my first topic posted here and I’m not here often… so…

Share your experiences I guess xDD

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That’s… precisely half of three hours.

I think I have done a three hour review, but only because it was late at night and I dozed off in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went on a week long camping trip and came back to four hundred reviews. But I took the easier route of chunking it up into two or three review sessions of roughly 150 to 200 reviews, until I got it down to zero again. Not exactly fun, but better than letting them stack even higher. Still took forever to pass that level because I managed to miss the critical threshold of kanji … twice.

I prefer to keep my reviews in the 40 to 60 range. Much less intimidating.

Welcome back!!! :sparkles:

Remember to use vacation mode! It’s ok to take a break, but if you don’t use vacation mode, it might be harder to come back. Although doing a little every day is better than doing a ton one day and never doing any more again. Chunk it down! Maybe you should find a time of day that’s ideal for you to sit down and do your reviews once or twice a day once your load is a bit more manageable. Maybe you could do it using a mobile app (although I make a lot of mistakes and go slower on the phone) when you’re in the car or something.

But good job on getting through them! The accuracy is fine, you re-exposed yourself to all that vocabulary, next time you see them you’ll know them all a bit better. Getting things wrong is fine in spaced repetition systems, because it tunes itself to your mistakes. I think it’s impressive you got back in the saddle with such a daunting amount of reviews ahead of you.

I am very good about my Japanese reviews, because I use them to procrastinate my university Anki decks (I’m a biology and chemistry student). :wink: (I have Japanese Anki decks too and I ignore them just because I hate opening Anki and seeing my bio deck.) It takes hours to clear it up, it’s exhausting, and my accuracy drops and I start to lose focus because I get exhausted from studying too long. When that happens, I didn’t manage my time properly (or I did too many new cards and added to my short-term workload). I have to remind myself ‘I want to be a neuroscientist’ and ‘I don’t want to fail my exam’ and ‘I don’t want to have do 100 flashcards about cardiac physiology as well as everything else I have to do on Tuesday’ to do it. I will now use your thread to motivate myself to go clear some out.

To answer the question, I think my longest is an hour. I do almost all my reviews on my phone. It would have been like 150 reviews max and I would have been going slowly and not focusing very well. So I was pretty inefficient.

i do reviews up to an hour max and then quit. divide and conquer is my motto.

oh actually it’s from 10:20…, I’ve been planning to change this to avoid confusion… xD

I don’t think I’ve ever let the queue get higher than around 400, which has happened once, but I do believe that and maybe a few other longer sessions were around 90 minutes if I was doing them on and off.

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