Longest Review Session

Hi! This is my first post on here! I was gone for a week and a bit sick, so I had a bit to catch up on. I was wondering: What’s the highest amount of reviews that you’ve done in one sitting? Or how high has your review count gotten to?


On WK it was around 500 I think? :thinking: I remember doing 3300 on Kaniwani in one day/sitting :grimacing:


3300 reviews in one day?

good god, may こういち watch over you


Only on level 6, but ~150 is my highest I think. I always do them in one sitting, same with lessons. I also try my best to do them as they arrive also, so that’s why they aren’t that big. I have the WK app on my phone which lets me know my current review count. I can’t compete with 3300 though on KW, my max there is around 400.

I’d say around 200.

I think I did a little over 200 in one session the other day.



I broke my record with 399 in one session last week, for the whole day probably 500-600.

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At level 11, recently took a break without using vacation mode, ended up coming back to ~400 reviews.

Hi! The highest I’ve done in one sitting was probably about 900 reviews and the highest review count was close to 2,000 I think. Best of luck keeping up with reviews!

I’ve tried to be on top of things (97% days studied :smiley:), my most in one actual session is probably around 250.

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Skipped Wanikani after fuyuyasumi and some roller coasters and had to do a 1,000+ review in one sitting. The real issue here is the procrastination but once you’ve sit on it, it will be done in a breeze.

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This was 4 days away from me hitting 60 though :upside_down_face:, after having gone max speed the whole way, and after arriving in Japan at level ~55. I had so many reviews coming in every day, I couldn’t work them all into my new schedule abroad:


I don’t think I’ve ever done more than 300-400 in a single sitting though, and I only ever did that many once. I can’t remember exactly, because it’s been a year since I’ve had that many reviews to do :slight_smile:

Lately, I have <100 on most days. On days that do have more than 100, I let the extra spill over into the following day to try to smooth out the workload.


Gulp! You guys are maniacs! :wink: I don’t have time to do more than 30+ in one sitting, so I guess I’m taking my time. Still, I’m expecting to go away for a few days and someone mentioned vacation mode. Can someone tell me how to do that? I just looked at my account and I didn’t see that option. Thanks!

Off Topic: I just so happened to finally check out kaniwani thanks to your post and wow! I saw it mentioned here and there but never bothered to look until now. It looks super useful and I’m gonna start using it too. :relaxed:

On Topic: My highest so far has been in the 300s after a particularly long weekend. Gonna try to not let that happen again, 200s and under is much more doable. :upside_down_face:


To get to vacation mode: Click on “account”, when that menu pops up, click “account”, scroll down to “vacation mode” to set it. You’ll have to do the same to turn it back on when you get back!

My highest count of reviews is around 3600. The most I’ve ever done in one sitting would be about 1200.

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My highest might have been 800, I don’t know how to actually check O_O. @Kumirei: where do you get those statistics?

I actually don’t remember, but around level 42 I had a backlog of around 4000+ reviews that I powered through in about a week’s time.

Edit: 516

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I think mine is around 150 reviews.

It’s part of @Kumirei 's great heatmap script. ^^

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