Who's actually bored of waiting to do reviews?

I think I might be the only one here with an unpopular opinion lol. I literally can’t wait 4 hours for another review - I just want to get it done, maybe that’s why go up a level every week.

Is anyone here the same or like-minded?

Give it time my friend. Give it time.

And this is the low end.

Trust me, you’re not the first person. Just search the forums.


Yup I’m of similar mind, have been the whole 5 months I’ve been here. But getting on kaniwani and iKnow! have given me THREE things to check obsessively :wink: Also, you do get more and more of a spread of reviews as you continue on. Sometimes I’ll get a long 4+ hour break, but it’s pretty rare.

Nah, I just do them when I have time (read: when I feel like it)
Besides, even if I finish my reviews there’s seldom long until the next one

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Sometimes when I do my reviews and come across one I have to think about, I’m like, meh I guess I’ll do reviews later. *quit


I’ve done that… :weary:

I do this all the time with KaniWani. :sweat_smile:

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me too…all day everyday!

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I didn’t do my reviews yesterday because it was a holiday here in the U.S. and I was busy and forgot… I opened up WK this morning to 405 reviews… nah, I’m good, I’ve got plenty to do on WK for now.


Once you are around level 20+, reviews are almost constantly popping up. Unless you have a lot of free time, you’re going to end up in a miserable rabbit hole where you’re going to miss having time between reviews.

I wake up in the morning, do between 40-100 reviews, go to work, and pray to God I keep up with the reviews when they pop up on my phone throughout the day, usually an average of 15 per hour. Very often on busy work days I end up with like 70 or 80 reviews to do when I get home, sometimes as high as 120. Then I usually get stuck doing them all again right before bed. God help me if I miss a day.

It gets even worse when you just start a new level and you have roughly ~25 new kanji, ~40 new vocab, and ~5 new radicals that you constantly get wrong and spend an hour or 2 just for one review session. I’m almost level 30 and I’m dreading every kanji that I guru because it means I start the cycle again.

My recommendation is go spend that time waiting to learn grammar or practice listening, wanikani is worthless if you don’t dedicate time to speaking, listening and grammar. And trust me, you will miss “4 hours between reviews”.


Oh no, you HAD to go and remind me I didn’t do KW over my long weekend. My WK reviews may be at 0, but KW is at a lovely 303. I know some of you are like “Ha! I have 7427364234 KW reviews! 303 is nothing!” but I’m typically pretty adament about NOT letting my KW reviews get to that point and I’m clearly on my way there… Guess I’ll do my KW reviews after this iKnow session… Just when you think you’re almost done studying.

HA who am I kidding. You’re never done studying.



Bored of waiting for lessons and reviews… Pssh, amateur…

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>Waiting for lessons

Ehm, good luck with that


Do you still get reviews for levels 1-3?

I do, but they’re slowly becoming more scarce thanks to srs

Sweet. You can get your first burns at level 4. You aiming to subscribe again sometime?

I’m just so tired that for the first time, I let my reviews pile up. I have 72 at the moment. Does someone want it?

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72? Amateur.



Ah, 8 minutes until the next review. Sweet relief.