What is a Level 60 Post? Can I eat it?

Oh well would you look at that, I guess this is a level 60 post. Neat.


Yknow, now that I’m here, I don’t really know what to say. I’ve kinda thought about what to put, but they don’t exactly teach you what to say in one of these >.> (I apologize for what’s probably gonna be weird formatting, can you tell I for the most part am a lurker here? I did make an introduction post and all, saying I’d be “more active”, can you guess that turned out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

First things first, let’s put the stats, yeah?

So, accuracy-wise, definitely not the best, but I’m still very happy with how it turned out! Keqing Winky
although there has definitely been the use of the ignore script here and there, whoops

I tried to complete all the fast levels full speed at first, but man, it just got painful and more stressful than I wanted it to be. I do like me my sleep, after all . Props to anyone who was able to do those all the way, and good luck to those who plan to do so!

I’m really proud of myself, WaniKani is the only thing I’ve been able to push myself to do daily, even if it was just a little (at least when 2020 hit, also ignore that one day in June :3). As someone chinese who can only barely, barely speak or read mandarin/cantonese, (I had chinese school, but quit because I didn’t want to learn Hanzi, how funny is that?) I’d say that I’ve accomplished something big today. The pandemic definitely helped, having all my studies at home meant always being at my laptop :DD

I’ve always admired the people who have these amazing stories and their journey of learning japanese. In fact, as with many others on the forums, @jprspereira’s guide, is what got me motivated to start taking this more seriously and to build a schedule for WaniKani when I happened to stumble across it. (If you haven’t read it yet, whaddya waiting for?)

Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a story, since WaniKani is basically the start of it! Well, if you want a little more context as to why I started learning Japanese :

I had just gotten deep into the Love Live fandom (Love Live is an Idol franchise and I am very much still stuck in it), and the r/LoveLive discord were having a rewatch of the Lives with the seiyuus (no subtitles). In the chat, some people would translate the talking sections for us, and I thought “How c o o l would it be, if I could understand this on my own, without the help of others, or to even BE one of those people who’d translate could for others?”. So I hopped on over to their JP learning channel, which lead me to tofugu’s hiragana/katakana guide, and now, here I am! In the end, it still basically comes down to your average “I wanted to learn because of anime and manga” and I have no problems with that (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

So what’s next?

Despite the many, many warnings along the way, I did the big nono of uh ignoring almost all grammar. I certainly tried (kinda), I have a lifetime account on BunPro that I used at first and watched some Cure Dolly or Japanese Ammo. Nothing quite stuck as a daily thing for me like WaniKani did. I realized this a long time ago, but my lazy bum decided I’d focus on Grammar more once I reached the golden level 60 badge (which looks greattttt) I’m hoping I can keep a consistent schedule for that along with…

Recall! How many times have I wanted to remember a word outta the blue without seeing the kanji? I’ve lost count. Just like Bunpro, I have made myself a KameSame/KaniWani account (wanted to try both) but again, haven’t been able to stick to it daily.

I also wanna start reading some more. My “reading practice” so far only consisted of reading some Japanese tweets belonging to Love Live seiyuus and of reading the kanji lyrics to mostly Love Live songs, with some other anime songs here and there. I plan to start getting out of my nervous bubble and join a book club. I’ve also tried to do this before, but I was just too nervous to be a part of the conversation, and dropped the book a little early on.shizuku flush Hopefully, I can finally muster the courage to join and at least listen to the weekly readings of the よつばと!book club in their voice channel.

And uh, I guess that’s it! Thanks for reading all the way, even if it wasn’t very informative, sorry for rambling on, I’m just really happy and need to let it outtt. Although, if I had to give a tip, it’s to keep pushing through and to never give up! Yeah yeah, I know it’s not the first time you’ve heard this, but that’s because it really works. Try to do your reviews everyday, even if it isn’t your entire pile or if it’s only a small amount, and you’ll get there eventually.

Sooooooo, something something cake? Does a level 60 post taste like cake? Is it possible to eat so much cake that it’ll only taste like reaching level 60 over and over again? Guess I’ll find find out, looking forward to what’s to come! o7

Special thanks to @jprspereira for their guide, the Luminaries thread for extra motivation when I leveled up (even if I really didn’t say much, seeing other people’s progress and people cheering eachother on was wonderful) and the group of people who were on the Werewolf thread for making me come to the forums daily and in the process, reading many other threads to see how great and wholesome of a community the WK forums has.

(ignore what’s written on the piece of chocolate, if I knew how to edit it out, I would :pp)

edit : How could I forget to also thank the WK team for such an amazing tool, I definitely would not be here without WK!


Aaahhh Congrats!! We started around the same time so I am so glad to see that you stuck to it every day and got to 60!!

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Congratulations, so happy for you and so proud of you! Always lovely to see another person reach their WK goal :slight_smile: And I totally feel you on the grammar thing, good luck with that! Seeing how dedicated you’ve been here, grammar should be under your belt soon too. <3



I’m aiming to finish wanikani in two years. Seeing that your average is 7 days per level and you finish in one year, and that my average is basically the double of it, I think on the right track haha

WK is also the only thing I can stick to a good consistency. I tried many tools before but I always get tired of them.

Now all the best in your grammar journey!

Do you mind sharing this love live discord? :sweat_smile:






P.S. Rin and Umi are my favorites!


CONGRATULATIONS! One level per week seems like an amazing pace! This thread is really motivating me :slight_smile:
Where is that red calendar from?

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:confetti_ball: Congrats :confetti_ball:

For some reason reading your post felt like “rainbow” would be the perfect flavor for your lvl 60 cake to taste:

there is a whole blog post… so difficult to choose :see_no_evil:

You did! :smiley:

Something like this would be my recommendation. Keep hanging out in the forums, “be(come) more active” in case you feel like and join some of the book clubs :blush:


Hearty congratulations @CarsonHua7645 san :partying_face:

You deserve a huge round of applause :clap:

Omigoto :ok_hand:


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Wow Congratulations :tada::tada:

It is a real motivation for me as I just started wk this year.

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Thanks! Good luck on getting to 60 too :))


Thank youu! I need to start figuring out a schedule for grammar along with the WK reviews and the next big goal of burning everything, lots of work to do! Good luck for grammar on your end!
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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Thank you everyone!

You can definitely make it, so long as you keep working on it, you’ll get there eventually :))
And here’s that LL discord (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ I mostly just look at fanart and keep up with any news

I love Rin and Umi so much! They’re really cute, and everything they do is adorable :heart: I love all the girls, it’s so hard for me to pick a favourite :3

That’s my heatmap, you can get yours right here to track your own progress :

Good luck on your WK journey :DD

THANK YOU FOR THE CAKE and yep, hopefully I can be more active on the forums, instead of just hiding in the shadows.


I’ve also been into Love Live big time (I always wonder how far my Japanese would be if I put the time I played into learning haha) but put it on standby (only logging in for the bonus). Coincidentally I’ve actually been playing this week for Hanayo’s Birthday - she’s best girl!

I hope you’ll find the grammar resource that you can stick to. You already proved you have the disciplin to accomplish what you want :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @CarsonHua7645 :grin: :tada: Glad to see that I was able to make your journey a bit more enthusiastic :slight_smile:

Now, don’t lose momentum (I did for 3 months at the time)! We think WK is the only thing that will click this easily, but with enough willingness, anything can get done :slight_smile: Jump to your next project with enthusiasm. It will be fun, I promise! :crossed_fingers:



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Congratulations!! :smiley: :+1:

Do you mind letting me know from where did you get the third graph?

The one showing how much “Time” you have studied

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You can get your heatmap here :